ISRS Listening Session | Thursday, October 1

Event Details

Title: ISRS Next Generation Project Listening Session
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (see full schedule to the right)
Location: St. Cloud Technical & Community College (President's Office/Training Center Building)

ISRS Next Generation Listening Session Overview 

ISRS Next Gen LogoISRS (Integrated Statewide Record System) Next Generation Project is one project on the roadmap for developing system-wide recommendations for ways to better serve our 435,000 students, strengthen our colleges and universities, and protect their unique character and autonomy.

Representative students, faculty and staff members at SCTCC and other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities are being asked to share their experiences using ISRS in order to “re-imagine ISRS” in the future. The system office Information Technology team has a goal to prepare a business case for ISRS Next Generation funding by March 2016. In order to ensure all voices are heard when it comes to ISRS satisfaction/expectations, the system office has engaged CampusWorks, Inc. to conduct Listening Sessions across the system and supplement their findings with an all campus online survey

What is the goal of the Listening Sessions? 

A Listening Session serves as an opportunity to bring together people with differing viewpoints and roles at the colleges/universities to share their real world perspectives around how they use ISRS, where it works well, and where enhancements might be recommended. 

How will the Listening Sessions be conducted? 

CampusWorks Logo

A small team from CampusWorks, Inc. will make in person campus visits during September and October 2015. They will meet with individuals in common roles for approximately 45 minutes per listening session. For example, a small group of users in the Registration area would meet for 45 minutes, and a small group of students would meet next for 45 minutes. This design works to keep discussion around key functional areas of ISRS and focus the questions, comments and vision.

The two person CampusWorks team will facilitate the targeted discussion and gather information, collect insights from staff on what is working well, what needs improvement and what added features would add more value to the ISRS system. The CampusWorks team will take notes and gather insights, which will be used for later evaluation with a larger group, once all Listening Sessions have concluded. The information gathered will be one source of many, which will be used to compile a future state recommendation. The questions will be targeted for each session, to cover the specific ISRS function. Each session report will be anonymous as to the source of comments. 

What is expected of the attendees? 

Those students, staff and faculty invited to the in-person Listening Sessions should come ready to discuss how they use ISRS, how ISRS enhances their ability to conduct business, as well as areas/functions they feel could be enriched. Everyone will attend these listening sessions with different experience levels with ISRS. Attendees will be asked to listen to their peers and build on their ideas or ask clarifying questions in order to focus a clear takeaway for the CampusWorks team. For instance, if someone brings up a function they feel is missing in the application, and another attendee knows the function exists, they should call this out as a training issue so it can be noted by the CampusWorks team. Ground rules have been developed so all participants feel comfortable voicing their opinions. 

Open candor is essential to gather the needed insights. Everyone in attendance will be expected to be willing to speak openly and share their perspective. 

Sessions Ground Rules: 

  • everyone's participation is important 
  • everyone's view is to be valued/respected 
  • open dialog will enhance the session 
  • one conversation at a time 

What will be produced after the Listening Sessions? 

A formal summary of all Listening Sessions will be created after all Listening Sessions are concluded. CampusWorks may contact attendees for clarification of notes, to ensure the information was captured accurately. Copies of this summary will be made available for faculty, staff, and students before the end of December, 2015. 

Where and when will the Listening Sessions be held? 

Listening Sessions will commence on Tuesday, September 22 and continue through Friday, October 23 on campuses throughout the system. Two teams of CampusWorks interviewers will visit campuses by Region.

St. Cloud Technical & Community College will be hosting an ISRS NextGeneration Listening Session on Thursday, October 1 at the Training Building. See details in the sidebar to the right.

Who should attend the Listening Sessions? 

All are welcome and encouraged to attend! 

For those people who would like to provide input but cannot attend an in person Listening Session, an online survey will be made available during the duration of the Listening Sessions (September – October 2015). 


Contact Info

320.308.5000 or 1.800.222.1009

1540 Northway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303