Accessing a Notetaker

Notetaking services are available for qualified students with disabilities to ensure equal access to in-class information.  A Notetaker is another student in your class who volunteers to share and copy his/her lecture notes with you.  Notetaking services are not designed to substitute for class attendance.  You are expected to attend class and take or record your own notes as well. Digitally recording lectures to listen to later can also be a great learning tool. 

You may find your own notetaker by asking someone in the class that you already know if s/he would copy notes and share them with you.  If you aren’t comfortable with this option you may request a notetaker by completing the following steps.

To arrange for a Volunteer Notetaker each semester for each class you must:

  • Be eligible for this accommodation - See your Accommodation Plan
  • Present a copy of your Accommodations Plan to your instructor and discuss your need for notes with your teacher.  Perhaps the teacher posts notes on D2L or is willing to email notes to you and a notetaker is not needed. 
  • Work with John Bjork, Accessibility Specialist to facilitate your receiving an emailed copy of your notetaker’s notes.

The instructor will confidentially identify a potential student who appears to be attentive and taking good notes.  The student notetaker will be referred to meet with John Bjork, Accessibility Specialist (Rm. 1-133). He will instruct the notetaker on the procedures to scan a copy their notes and email them to John at  John will in turn forward the notes to you. 

Notetakers are volunteers and assigned anonymously.  Occasionally a student with disabilities encounters problems with class notes.  If a note-taker’s class notes do not meet your needs, inform John or Judy immediately.


Contact Info

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