Advertising Web Design & Development

Advertising Web Design & Development classroom

Why Choose This Program?

With approximately 1 billion websites on the Internet today, effective web design is essential to capture the attention and commitment of web visitors. Think of it this way. All the world’s competitor’s are but a mouse click – or finger swipe -- away.

A career in advertising web design and development is an exhilarating blend of creativity and technical skill. Web designers must understand how to clearly present information for online viewing. Web designers also must understand ever-changing coding languages and standards, interactive media, and how to best reach web users on any device.

Having a web design and development degree gives you the flexibility to work almost anywhere, including businesses large and small as well as the government. You can even go into business for yourself as a freelance web designer or web development consultant.

As a student, you will have ample opportunities to participate in professional organizations where you can develop your networking skills, get to know local professionals, and spruce up your resumé.

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Skills Acquired

  • Integrate design and coding skills to create effective and aesthetically pleasing websites
  • Design site architecture and user interface that improves user experience
  • Utilize web content management systems to create robust web environments
  • Launch, test, and debug websites
  • Create and implement social media strategies
  • Communicate professionally in visual, oral, and written formats
  • Develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills

Career Choices in Advertising

Types of Jobs

  • Front-end web design and development
  • Social media manager
  • User interface / visual designer
  • User experience designer
  • Content strategist / Information architect
  • SEO specialist

Potential Employers

  • Digital and interactive agencies
  • Corporate advertising and web departments
  • Advertising agencies
  • Emerging Internet businesses and organizations
  • Self employed and freelance

Projected Job Growth

According to MN DEED, the average job growth rate in the state of Minnesota for Web Design and Development fields from 2012 - 2022 is 11.5%.

Average State Pay

According to MN DEED, in 2014, Web Design and Development employees earned a median salary* of $56,160 in Central Minnesota and $66,913 in the state of Minnesota*This is not necessarily representative of entry-level positions


"I can firmly say that I was hired in my current role due to the web knowledge, communication skills, and rounded education I gained from the courses and teachers at SCTCC."
- Kelsey Johnson, Account Executive, Siteimprove, Inc.

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