Audio Recording Class Lectures or Lab Presentations

Students with disabilities who qualify, may record instructor's lectures or lab presentations.  A    student needs to bring his/her own recorder.  Digital recorders are recommended as they provide the most flexibility for manipulation and storage of recordings.  Recording information allows for multiple play backs to aid in retention and understanding of difficult material.  It also allows a student the opportunity to take notes at his or her own pace after class and/or to fill in sketchy notes taken during the actual class time.


  • Notify the instructor of your intention to record the lectures.  A student who wishes to record lectures of a class should be allowed to do so if doing so is an appropriate accommodation based on disability needs.
  • Show the instructor a copy of your SCTCC Accommodations Plan to verify your eligibility for the accommodation of Audio Recording Lecture. 
  • You may be asked to discontinue recording during times like classroom discussions in which students are encouraged to share personal stories or information for which there will be no exact recall needed.
  • Recording the lecture should not disrupt the class activities

Note: A student may be asked to sign a written declaration stating that all taped materials will be used for personal, academic use only and will not be reproduced or publicized in any manner. Forms are available from Judy Jacobson Berg, Counselor. 

If looking to purchase a digital recorder consider factors such as capability for transferring files to a computer for storage, perhaps through removable card style memory storage, or download capabilities.  Most digital recorders record in MP3 format. Also consider a good microphone system, perhaps something that will even allow for an auxiliary microphone if needed in a classroom. Or a student may consider a Smart Pen system as a recording device.  Smart Pens allow for excellent replay options. 


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