Automotive Service Technician


A nation on wheels demands skilled technicians to keep the wheels turning. St. Cloud Technical and Community College provides the education and training needed to meet this demand. Students receive instruction in the most current techniques of repair, diagnosis, maintenance, and our laboratories are equipped with the latest service and testing equipment. Graduates have the necessary educational background to obtain entry-level positions and progress to higher-level technical or management positions. Students may choose between a diploma or an AAS Degree.

St. Cloud Technical and Community College's Automotive Service Technician Program is ASE Certified and graduates are prepared for the Automotive Service Excellence examinations. The program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, Inc. (NATEF). Students selecting this program will find they must master a considerable amount of theory as well as manual skills. The Transportation Studies Core also meets some of the requirements for graduation in the Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Program.


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