Automotive Service Technician

Today’s cars and light trucks are truly amazing modern marvels. The standard for these automobiles is to deliver unbelievably high performance, fuel economy, aerodynamic styling, navigation, radar alert, parking assist, video, stereo, telecommunications and unparalleled safety features, but next to zero emissions.  And that’s not even taking into consideration hybrids or electric vehicles.   Virtually every system on today’s vehicles is electronically controlled by computers. 

Because of the extremely high technology developed into these vehicles, modern Automotive Service Technicians are well-educated, well-trained, well-paid and highly sought after.  There is a great demand for technicians in nearly every large city in the United States.

St. Cloud Technical and Community College offers an Automotive Service Technician Associate of Applied Science Degree and an Automotive Service Technician Diploma. Both automotive majors prepare students for entry-level positions in the automotive repair industry.  We have a spacious, well-equipped, clean and bright automotive lab.

  • Our classrooms are large and clean, complete with multimedia information delivery systems and state-of-the-art, interactive automotive systems simulators.
  • Our program utilizes an environmental chamber where we can place a vehicle on a wheel dynamometer and vary the temperature inside the chamber from 85F to -20F, as well as regulate the humidity. With this equipment, we are able to study the effects of climate on vehicle performance and also to help diagnose problem vehicles.
  • Due to the popularity of pick-ups with diesel engines, we have developed a course titled Light Duty Diesel.  
  • We use late-model vehicles for training, including a hybrid which we drive and maintain.
  • Our lab is operated as an actual automotive repair facility, and 75% of the repairs our students learn to do in the lab are on “live” vehicles with genuine customer concerns.
  • Our instructors are all Master Certified by ASE and have many years of experience in the field.
  • Our Automotive Service Technician Program is NATEF certified, but our curriculum goes above and beyond that standard to help you achieve the higher level of understanding and practice a successful Automotive Service Technician needs today. 
  • When you graduate, you will be proficient in using the latest equipment for wheel alignment, engine performance (including factory and generic scan tools), electrical and electronic diagnosis, brakes, air conditioning, engine service and drivetrain repair. 

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