Minnesota State System Civil Rights On-Site Review

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A. Policy Adoption

B. Policy Dissemination
C. Specific Employee Designation
D. Adoption & Publication of Grievance Procedures
E. Accessibility - Facilities
F. Accessibility - Admisssions to the Institution
G. Admission Criteria - Programs
  • List of Programs with non-academic admission requirements
    • Program enrollment data
  • Admissions appeal process
  • Assessment Process
  • See binder labeled G. Admissions Criteria in OCR Team meeting room for all other materials
H. LEP (Limited English Proficiency)

I. Disabilities
  • Disability Services brochures
  • Disability Services webpage
  • Accommodation data (.XLSX)
    • FY16
      • 271 students self-disclosed a disability (per ISRS data) and had an Accommodations Plan in place thus accessing Special Advising
      • 141 different students with accommodations were served
      • 810 tests were delivered in an alternative/quiet location with extended time
      • 131 instances of text material were provided in an alternative format i.e. audio, enlarge print
      • 34 different users accessed Kurzweil services for the past academic year 997 times to access 600 different files for a total of over 1237 hours.
  • Publication defining services to students with disabilities
  • See blue SCTCC three ring binder in OCR Team meeting room for additional materials

J. Counseling
K. Prospects for Success
  • Program enrollment data
  • Student referral procedures
  • Developmental services
  • Publications providing student service information
L. Recruiting
M. Communication - LEP, Hearing Impaired

It is the responsibility of the student to request interpreter services at the time of scheduling the appointment.  If a request is made for an interpreter, other than a sign language interpreter, the counselor would contact a local service known as The Bridge.

Central Minnesota

110 2nd Street S., Ste 213
Waite Park, MN 56387

Phone: 320-259-9239
Fax: 320-654-1698

After Hours:


Toll Free:




ASL sign language interpreters are available at SCTCC.  Anne Rhodes is employed as SCTCC’s Interpreter and Interpreter Coordinator. A request is made to Anne following the procedure outlined here: http://www.sctcc.edu/schedule-sign-language-interpreters

N. Promotional Activities
O. Disabled (Secondary Students)

Secondary students are enrolled in a number of ways at SCTCC:

  • Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) – students enrolled at SCTCC and attend classes at on the SCTCC campus.
  • Concurrent Enrollment – students enrolled in classes for college credit, at the high school.  These students are registered as PSEO Contract students.
  • Tech Prep - students are enrolled in high school courses that are articulated with college level courses allowing earned credit if a student later enrolls at SCTCC
  • Individual District Contract Program – students with disabilities in transition programs with local school districts who do not qualify for PSEO because they have technically met academic high school graduation requirements.  The school district pays the direct cost of attendance for the student

SCTCC Disability Services will provide services to any qualified student with a disability.  However as the Concurrent Enrollment and Tech Prep students are being taught in the high school setting, those eligible for Special Education services are being served by the high school. In FY16 four students using the PSEO program and 4 students participating in school districts’ contract program chose to disclose a disability An Accommodations Plan was developed with all of these students.  

P. Financial Aid
Q. Facilities - Comparable
R. Cooperative Education and Job Placement
S. Apprenticeships


T. Recruitment (Employees)
U. Employment
V. Salary


W. Employment, Disabled
X. Past Discrimination - Employees
Y. Personnel Activity Report  
Z. Site Selection

SCTCC and SCSU have collaborated to serve students who are not accepted into SCSU through a program called Community College Connections.  The students are enrolled through SCTCC, however they take classes at SCSU, live at SCSU, and receive services at SCSU.

The report provided includes data on minority/non-minority make up of this program by screening on the Community College Connections major. 

AA. Facilities (Additions and Renovations)  
BB. Centers, Branches, or Annexes

Enrollments by race and sex for our Community College Connections program is in the spreadsheet provided.

CC. Student Housing

Contact Info

320.308.5000 or 1.800.222.1009

1540 Northway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303