Community Paramedic


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Why Choose This Program

Currently a certified paramedic?

Looking to expand your role?  Consider enrolling in our Community Paramedicine Certificate. This one semester program will provide paramedics with education and training to expand their role to more broadly serve communities in the areas of primary care, public health, disease management, prevention and wellness, mental health and oral health. The Community Paramedic program incorporates theoretical knowledge with extensive clinical application and experience. This training provides students with the opportunity to enter the field with the skills and knowledge to guide patients in their overall health needs.

Info Sessions

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Our Paramedicine Program has faculty members who will address questions about time in the class, clinicals, and about faculty in the Program.  If you have questions related to these topics, please contact our Faculty Representatives:

Kerry Degen
Phone: 320-308-5405
Office: Health Sciences Building, 227J

Allen Smith
Phone: 320-308-5387
Office: Health Sciences Building, 227H

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