Disability Services - Assistive Technology

Learn about the assistive technology available to you

Assistive technology makes college more accessible to students with disabilities. SCTCC offers students who qualify the opportunity to try out assistive technologies as accommodations to aid in college success. Here you’ll find information on the devices or software applications available to you and how they may be helpful.

Adaptive technology include:

  • Text enlarging tools, CCTV and Zoomtext
  • Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 text-to-speech and study system
  • Kindle DS and I-Pad to access e-text
  • Note-taking pen
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text software
  • FM listening system
  • JAWS screen reading software

Our tools must be used on campus.  Software licensure prevents us from sharing with students’ personal/home computers. However, we offer the opportunity to try new ways of accessing academic materials.

Try text-to-speech technology

It’s a good idea to try audio textbooks and e-text prior to attending college, so you can learn how to listen and take notes from them. This skill will be beneficial to your success if you have a print access disability.

Several easy to use, free text-to-speech, screen-reading programs can be downloaded.

Try one or more of them at:

SCTCC is not affiliated with the makers of these programs. We cannot provide technical support or promise that these programs will work for you. If you have problems installing or using any software listed on this page, please contact the makers of the software for assistance.

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