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Have questions about our technology? Information Technology Services can help. IT Services provides computing support for faculty, staff, and students at SCTCC. We’re delighted to assist you with your computing and technology needs.


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What we do

IT support services

We assist with resolving software and hardware issues and providing access to computers, email, and the Internet.


Computer maintenance

We monitor all college computer systems and maintain them on a regular basis.  Campus computers are replaced on a regular rotation cycle to ensure that equipment is up to date and functioning properly. We set computer specifications so equipment meets or exceeds the software specifications needed for programs. Computer software is regularly updated and patched to maintain security.


Network services, servers and storage

We maintain all the college networks (LAN and WAN). Virtually all of the areas within the college are covered by wireless access. The SCTCC server room has a high capacity storage infrastructure built on a storage area network (SAN). The network storage space is backed up routinely.  Electronic storage for students is provided as part of the Microsoft live@edu package. Students have 1TB of storage space that’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


College systems

Some examples of college systems we maintain are the college imaging system, (ImageNow) the online customer experience management system (RightNow), our learning management system (D2L Brightspace), and our web content management system (Drupal).


Acceptable use of computers and information technology resources

This acceptable use policy governs the use of computers and networks by all students, faculty, and staff at SCTCC. As a user of computer and information technology resources, you’re responsible for reading and understanding this policy.


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