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Help with research

Sometimes research can be overwhelming, but it helps if you take these steps:

Define your topic

  • Develop a topic for your assignment and thesis statement
  • Select several keywords to use while doing your research

Locate your resources

  • Let your thesis statement and keywords guide your research
  • Use books, audiovisual materials, and articles in the library, online databases or the Internet to find your resources

Evaluate your resources

  • Make sure what you find is useful. It’s possible that not all the results you come up with while searching the databases or the Internet are relevant to your topic. You may want to consider searching different resources or redefining your topic by using different search terms.
  • For Internet resources, determine if the information is credible. The most credible sites will end in .gov (government sites, .org (non-profit organization sites), or .edu (education sites).

Questions to ask before you finish researching:

  • Did I collect enough information to complete my research assignment?
  • Does the information I collected support my topic and thesis statement?



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