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Connie Lindquist

Alumni Spotlight

Connie Lindquist '85, Clerical Program

Connie (Carlen) Lindquist graduated from the Clerical Program at the St. Cloud Technical College (SCTC) in 1985 at the age of 19.  After graduation, she immediately found a clerical position in Golden Valley and moved to St. Louis Park to start her career. Looking back, she remembers how young she was and how determined to take what she learned “on the job” at the technical college and make the most of what she loved to do as an administrative assistant.

Connie first became interested in working in an office environment when she was in high school taking typing and computer classes. She took pride in being very organized, a leader and a caring person. “Assisting a business leader was an area where I felt I could benefit and, in turn, benefit the person I support.” Her choice to be an Executive Assistant started earlier than she realized.

Connie immediately felt very comfortable in the professional clerical field. “SCTC provided me a well-rounded education covering all of the most important areas in this career field.”  She also continued her professional growth with additional business writing classes, which provided some enhanced skills needed to support CEO’s and leadership teams.

The position of Executive Assistant (EA) has changed a lot within the past 30 years. “EA’s are truly the “right-hand” support to the leaders within companies and we do make a difference at every level of an organization.” This career path has gained the credibility of more than just a “support” position and more of a manager role, giving EA’s more opportunities for career growth and the benefits of increased salary levels. 

Connie’s advice to students, “I think it is important as you start your career to give your first job at least 2 years and not jump around from job to job at the early stages.  This shows employers that you are willing to learn about the business and grow to be a loyal and contributing employee within a company.” The traits that have led to her success and to her present position today are loyalty, confidentiality and a results driven personality. A philosophy that she lives by is to always give 100% and always go the extra mile to show that even the smallest task is important.

Connie is a proud graduate of SCTC and has hired many technical students as Assistants throughout her career. “I believe in them because I know where I began and where I am today. I have been fortunate throughout my 30 years to work side-by-side with CEO’s who have looked upon my role as a partner who will help them achieve their goals in growing a business.  That feeling in itself is fulfilling and an accomplishment that makes me feel proud to be an Executive Assistant.”

Connie continues to tell people that her decision to attend SCTC was a perfect choice for her. She loves to share her story with young students, and would welcome questions from students in the Administrative Assistant AAS Degree Program within SCTCC*. She knows first-hand that they are receiving the tools needed to go out into the working world with confidence, and that their career path will be productive and fulfilling.

*St. Cloud Technical College (SCTC) is now St. Cloud Technical and Community College (SCTCC). ■




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