CAS - Mission and History

Our Mission

We are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment that fosters respect and provides assistance to learners of all abilities and backgrounds within the SCTCC community.

We seek to complement classroom instruction be reinforcing concepts and thought-processes through workshops, review sessions and face-to-face and online individual tutoring.

Our holistic approach to tutoring encourages creative, independent thinking and problem solving- essential tools for success in college and beyond.

Our History

In September 1974, the Tutor Resource Center opened to accommodate students with physical, academic, and economical special needs.

Over the years, the TRC changed names several times. When the college became the Technical Institute, the tutoring center became the Instructional Services Center and then the Learning Support Center. In 2005, the CAS became the Academic Achievement Center and has been lovingly referred to as the AACE until recently, when the name changed once again to honor the late Mary Stangler.

Mary helped start the TRC in 1974 and tutored until she switched back to teaching full-time in 2010. The name was changed to the Mary Stangler Center for Academic Success to take on more of a positive learning image. The goal was to dispel the idea that only students who are struggling come to the CAS.

Today, the Mary Stangler Center for Academic Success offers free drop-in and scheduled tutoring services to all St. Cloud Technical & Community College students, faculty and staff.

The Essence of Mary

For more than 37 years, Mary Stangler was a devoted math teacher and the face of the AACE, the Academic Achievement Center of Excellence on campus.

Her love of math was second only to helping students discover their own capabilities and confidence in math.

Mary passed away May 15, 2011 after a brief, aggressive battle with cancer. In her honor, the AACE was renamed the Mary Stangler Center for Academic Success.

“Mary’s energy never waivered. She was passionate and just there for students,” said President Joyce Helens. “Mary has such an open heart, and such love for student success. She lives on in every student she ever touched.”

Annual Reports

Each year, CAS Director, Kerby Plante, publishes a annual report for the public to read. See below for specific academic year annual reports.