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Manufacturing Infosession

Why Choose This Program

Interested in automation, machine technology, production, and welding but don't have time to drive to college campus every day? At SCTCC, we have created an online experience that is accessible for all students from all walks of life.

The SCTCC 360º Manufacturing and Applied Engineering ATE Regional Center of Excellence eTECH certificate is administered through a blend of online learning and weekend lab work and is designed to fit your schedule.

The eTech certificate is taught by accredited, reputable colleges throughout Minnesota that are part of the Center of Excellence. With various instructors from different backgrounds, students are taught a variety of essential skills.

Gain knowledge of the online manufacturing sector and apply the knowledge over two or three weekend labs for each course. Specific locations and times are set well in advance so you can plan accordingly.

At SCTCC, we teach students skills necessary for the workforce. Graduates from our Center for Manufacturing and Applied Engineering program leave SCTCC as well-rounded students who can utilize essential skills in their careers.

The application process for this online certificate is the same as any other program at SCTCC.

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