ELEC1518 Applied Electrical Principles & Formulas

Course Description

This course will teach students to utilize ohm's law in the application of series, parallel, and combination circuits. Calculate voltage, current and resistance in these applications. Apply power calculation for circuits. Utilize electrical meters. Apply resistance values in the calculation used for equipment and conductors. Describe use, application and the type of batteries. Apply magnetic principles to the operation of electrical equipment. Apply appropriate electrical formulas in the solution of electrical circuits and problems. This is a 4 hour per week lab setting and 6 hour per week in the lecture setting class that covers math and theory in Delmar chapters 1 thru 14 and Singer units 1 thru 14.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate electrical safety issues
  • Calculate series, parallel, and combination circuits for voltage, amperage, resistance, and power.
  • Calculate voltage drop, and select conductors in compliance with the NEC.
  • Interpret results of ammeter, volt meter, and VOM.
  • Classify the common nominal electrical voltages.
  • Identify resistor types and their application in the electrical industry.
  • Analyze electromagnetic principles and their applications in the electrical industry
  • Identify battery types and functions with complete schematics.


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5 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 3 lab, 0 other