HCCC1415 Intro to Healthcare Careers I

Course Description

This course explores Behaviors for Success in the Healthcare Industry, Awareness and Sensitivity for Clients' Needs, and Communication in Healthcare with clients, families, and among the healthcare team.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss ways healthcare personnel can balance their work and personal life to maintain personal wellness
  • Describe the expectations employees have of healthcare personnel
  • Identify quality issues in healthcare facilities relating to how they impact workers and delivery of care
  • Describe the common policies and requirements for various healthcare facilities
  • Identify selected organizational, financial structures, departments, services and requirements for various types of healthcare personnel
  • Using a problem solving process applied to a healthcare situation, describe behaviors for success in healthcare
  • Describe the major stages of human development to include basic health needs
  • Discuss the needs of clients of different age groups and how those needs can affect behaviors, attitudes and service strategies for quality of care
  • Describe the types of emotional, spiritual and social needs of clients and their families
  • Explain how different diseases can influence the functioning, behaviors and attitudes of individuals
  • Define the stages of death and dying and the influence those stages have on clients and their families
  • Applying a problem solving process, describe how healthcare workers can be aware and sensitive to their clients' needs
  • Describe components of effective verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Explain how active listening skills can improve communication
  • Discuss the use of a variety of communication techniques to achieve effective interpersonal and team communication
  • Describe communication skills that are important when managing conflict
  • Explain components of accurate, appropriate communication to include common medical abbreviations
  • Apply a problem solving process in healthcare situations and describe how effective communication will occur between clients, individuals and team members


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2 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other