HCCC1425 Intro to Healthcare Careers II

Course Description

This course explores Respect for Client and Staff Diversity, Healthcare Safety and Standard Precautions, Legal Issues in Healthcare, and Healthcare Ethics.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Compare one's personal belief system and practices with those of other cultures
  • Explore personal responsibilities to respect people as individuals
  • Discuss workplace expectations for interaction between team members, clients and individuals from diverse cultures, gender, age and sexualities
  • Following a problem solving approach, describe how healthcare employees can respect client and staff members
  • Discuss agencies with requirements for safety standards in healthcare facilities, their employees, clients and individuals
  • Explain requirements to maintain standard procedures and precautions in healthcare facilities
  • Describe process that healthcare facilities use to achieve safety in various areas
  • Describe the principles and standards of infection control
  • Identify the ways in which healthcare workers can demonstrate personal and client safety
  • Explain the laws related to healthcare and their influence on the healthcare delivery system
  • Define Vulnerable Adult Law as it relates to abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • Discuss healthcare providers and facilities to ensure clients and workers' rights
  • Describe confidentiality and its impact on all concerned
  • Explain the problem solving process concerning the law and legal rights
  • Describe dimension of values as they impact healthcare
  • Describe basic principles of professional relationships
  • Discuss aspects of ethical decision making in healthcare
  • Discuss ethical decision making models applied to healthcare


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2 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other