CPTR1210 Introduction to Computers

Course Description

Students in this course will learn and demonstrate a strong proficiency in all components of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) by creating documents, worksheets, databases, and presentations. Students will also gain hands on experience with the most recent Microsoft Windows operating system. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the components of a computer, computer terminology, the internet, networks, security, and privacy. Keyboarding proficiency is recommended for any student entering this course.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of computer hardware, software and terminology.
  • Employ proper file management skills for local, networked and removable storage devices
  • Use skills needed to work in the Windows environment.
  • Explore the internet, World Wide Web and the potential security and privacy issues associated with their usage.
  • Acquire an appreciation of the moral and social implications of computer technology.
  • Create professional documents using word processing to include use of appropriate referencing, citations, tables, building blocks, special formatting.
  • Create professional and informational slide shows using presentation software.
  • Use worksheets to process, manipulate, and display numeric data in a meaningful manner through the use of special functions, charts, and graphs.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and create basic databases with an emphasis on efficient data access and retrieval using database software.
  • Mobilize information by integrating content between word processing, spreadsheet, databases and presentation software.


Please see eServices for section availability and current pre-req/test score requirements for this course.

3 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other