SAMG1206 Strategic Customer Service

Course Description

To remain competitive business to business organizations are recognizing the demand for delivering superior customer service in a variety of methods. This course covers the fundamentals of customer service as it applies to sales, management, marketing, and entrepreneurial professions. Students will become familiar with customer service as part of their career progression and apply strategies for providing quality customer service. Students will study customer service skills, utilize tools, and practice communication techniques necessary for developing positive business to business, retail to consumer, and service industry business relationships.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Define customer service and internal customer support systems as it relates to the wholesale distribution process.
  • Understand and define differences between service, wholesale and retail customer service environments and cultures.
  • Recognize and examine consumer-focused behavior and training requirements for serving a diverse customer base.
  • Differentiate between internal and external customers in wholesale business environments.
  • Practice customer service verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills related to their service responsibility.
  • Define and calculate the importance of customer loyalty, relationship development, retention, and loss.
  • Define and practice attitude, ethics and developing trust as a customer service provider and specialist.
  • Compare and contrast various customer relationship management systems, technologies, and their utilization as support tools.
  • Examine customer service breakdowns, service recovery, and retention methods.
  • Critique and research both in-bound and out-bound customer call center delivery systems.
  • Demonstrate customer service phone and electronic communications as part of the sales, management and marketing processes.
  • Demonstrate customer service presentations in both one-to-one and group situations for both business to business and retail to consumer environments.


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other