Technical Theatre Practicum AA (60 Credits)

Technical Theatre REQUIRED Courses
THTR1315 Acting for Everyone 3 Credits
THTR1330 Introduction to Theatre 3 Credits
THTR1370 Introduction to Technical Theatre 3 Credits
THTR1371 Technical Theatre Practicum 1 2 Credits
THTR1372 Technical Theatre Practicum 2 3 Credits
THTR1373 Technical Theatre Practicum 3 3 Credits
THTR1374 Technical Theatre Practicum 4 4 Credits
Completion of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)
The full listing of course options and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) requirements can be found at:
MnTC Goal Area 1 Written Communications ENGL 1302 or ENGL 1308 AND 1309
MnTC Goal Area 1 Oral Communications - 1 course, 3 credits, Recommend CMST 2302 or 2310
MnTC Goal Area 2 Critical Thinking - CRTK 1300 required
MnTC Goal Area 3 Natural Science - 7 credits, 2 courses from 2 disciplines, must include a lab. OR 9 credits from one discipline, must include a lab.
A total of 60 credits is required to complete the Technical Theatre Practicum AA

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.