Fall 2017 President's and Dean's Lists


Congratulations to all SCTCC honor students!

Students earning a 4.0 GPA were named to the President's List; students earning a 3.5 to 3.9 GPA were named to the Dean's List.

NOTE: Only students who had full-time status (taking 12+ credits) during the Spring 2017 Semester will appear on this list. If you have completed a Non-disclosure of Directory Information Form, you will not be listed.

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President's List

St. Cloud Technical & Community College congratulates the following full-time, admitted students for their academic achievement Fall 2017; they have earned recognition on the President’s List for a grade point average of 4.0.

Name Honor
Mohamud Abdi President's List
Fatma Abdullah President's List
Jeremy Albedyll President's List
Omaima Algburi President's List
Omar Alnuaimi President's List
Steven Anderson President's List
Mikayla Asfeld President's List
Nicholas Austad President's List
Michael Baker President's List
Iliana Barrientos Munoz President's List
Molly Bauer President's List
Dylan Bengtson President's List
Spencer Bicknell President's List
Kyle Billmeyer President's List
Tyler Bjorstrom President's List
Miranda Blake President's List
Tiffany Boe President's List
Donald Bothun President's List
Malory Bourgeois President's List
Jake Brenhaug President's List
Jacqueline Brinker President's List
Alexander Brott President's List
Megan Bryan President's List
Corey Burney President's List
Madeline Bursch President's List
Evan Busche President's List
Angela Caracciolo President's List
Joshua Carlson President's List
William Carlson President's List
Ashley Cassens President's List
Kiara Cook President's List
Tyler Cronquist President's List
Allison Czech President's List
Brenda Czech President's List
McKenzie Dammann President's List
Ryan Danna President's List
Sommer Davidson President's List
Matthew Day President's List
Cali DeZurik President's List
Jodie Dietrich President's List
Logan Douvier President's List
Elena Drake President's List
Justin Duevel President's List
Maryan Egal President's List
Ethan Engle President's List
Hilda Even President's List
Jacob Eystad President's List
Steven Faber President's List
Kallee Fisher President's List
Brian Forystek President's List
Jonathon Fuchs President's List
Zachary Fuecker President's List
Madeleine Geislinger President's List
Gunnar Gens President's List
Justin Gerads President's List
Stephanie Gerlich President's List
Trent Gertken President's List
Ashlee Gibson President's List
Cassandra Glanzer President's List
Shantell Gnahn President's List
Aaron Goedeke President's List
Kurt Goering President's List
Trisha Grangroth President's List
Lindsay Greninger President's List
Andrew Groth President's List
Dylan Hackett President's List
Aunie Hall President's List
Tristin Hample President's List
Raelynn Haneca President's List
Daniel Hansen President's List
Jake Harbaugh President's List
Dylan Harris President's List
Edward Hart President's List
Amanda Hartnell President's List
Kyra Harvey President's List
Wanda Heitzman President's List
Frank Helseth President's List
Brianna Hemmesch President's List
Natascha Hennen President's List
Matthew Hernandez President's List
Brianna Hinnenkamp President's List
Matthew Hipsag President's List
Benjamin Hoeft President's List
Katelyn Hoeft President's List
Stephanie Hoffmann President's List
Zachary Holmes President's List
Allie Holthaus President's List
Elizabeth Hull President's List
Abigail Irsfeld President's List
Yasmin Ismail President's List
Suzanne Iwainat President's List
Mitchell Jaeckels President's List
Jarret Janu President's List
Kalie Jergens President's List
Kaitlyn Johnson President's List
Steven Jundt President's List
Maxwell Kalina President's List
Noah Kalway President's List
Tyler Keltner-Lutz President's List
Avery Kenning President's List
Zoey Kenning President's List
Taylor Kern President's List
Alexabae Khamsaensouk President's List
Breanna Klaphake President's List
Danielle Klimek President's List
Alex Knapp President's List
Patrick Knutson President's List
Brett Koehnle President's List
Hailey Koenig President's List
Linda Koltes President's List
Victoria Komsky President's List
Tessa Krein President's List
Andrea Kuechle President's List
Dylan Kulzer President's List
Abby Kunkel President's List
Jacqueline Kysil President's List
Abigail Landis President's List
Matthew Lassise President's List
Alyssa Laumann President's List
Alexander Legatt President's List
Caroline Lehtola President's List
Morgan Leners President's List
Nicholas Lengyel President's List
Madison Libbesmeier President's List
Rachel Lindsey President's List
Preston Loidolt President's List
Brian Lommel President's List
Mitchell Lowell President's List
Joan Luedeman President's List
Hadley Lutz President's List
Hunter Malachek President's List
Michaela Manifold President's List
Audra Marquard President's List
Ashley Martin President's List
John Marvan President's List
Katelyn Massmann President's List
Samantha Matuzak President's List
Erica McCann President's List
Aaron McGoven President's List
Ryan Melek President's List
Taylor Mesia President's List
Hanna Meyer President's List
Justin Meyer President's List
Patrick Michael President's List
Lucas Michl President's List
Jacquelyn Middendorf President's List
Katlyn Minette President's List
Edwin Montag President's List
Aurelie York Mouakoue President's List
Mason Nash President's List
Tara Nelsen President's List
Brianna Nelson President's List
Jordan Nelson President's List
Lindsey Nelson President's List
Heather Nierenhausen President's List
Nathan Nierenhausen President's List
Jerrod Niska President's List
Harlan Nohava President's List
Jonathan Notsch President's List
Alexandra Olson President's List
Michael O'Malley President's List
Sulekha Omar President's List
Racheal Orton President's List
Abshir Osoble President's List
Yeli Ouattara President's List
Rachel Owens President's List
Mackenzie Parks President's List
Daylin Paulson President's List
Kathleen Petermeier President's List
Samuel Peterson President's List
Tara Peterson President's List
Dana Pietron President's List
Tanner Pietrowski President's List
Danielle Potocnik President's List
Amber Prudencio-Mendoza President's List
Dylan Quade President's List
Matthew Quade President's List
McKayla Quade President's List
Megan Reber President's List
Larry Reisinger President's List
Anthony Revermann President's List
Michael Rian President's List
Andrew Ripplinger President's List
Maraya Robbins President's List
Nina Rohloff President's List
Andrew Rudd President's List
Cole Runge President's List
Maria Sakry President's List
Christina Salzl President's List
Amanda Sangrene President's List
Morgan Scheiber President's List
Amanda Scherber President's List
Karri Schlichting President's List
Travis Schluter President's List
Megan Schoborg President's List
Matthew Schoening President's List
Jennifer Schommer President's List
Chelsea Schroeder President's List
Elizabeth Schutt President's List
Abigail Schwab President's List
Kimberly Sell President's List
Abigail Silman President's List
Amanda Silva President's List
Calli Simpson President's List
Shire Sirat President's List
Loralynn Skeate President's List
Avery Smith President's List
Mercedes Smith President's List
Tyler Smith President's List
Joseph Snyder President's List
Aaron Sohl President's List
Ayobami Sottin President's List
Ryan Sowada President's List
Angela Springer President's List
Chelsey Stang President's List
Timothy Stein President's List
Stacie Stewart President's List
Joseph Symalla President's List
Sandra Tabor President's List
Caleb Theis President's List
Mark Thelen President's List
Kelly Thomsen President's List
Marissa Throener President's List
Brittny Tiemann President's List
Tanner Toenjes President's List
Nicholas Tolmie President's List
Zachary Tomsche President's List
Ellie Truebenbach President's List
Megan Trushenski President's List
Julia VanDalen President's List
Arianna Vasilj President's List
Maykayla Verkuilen President's List
Raquel Vetsch President's List
Charles Vogt President's List
Adric Waibel President's List
Bruce Walkley President's List
Hannah Walz President's List
Olga Walz President's List
Robert Wark President's List
Rachel Warner President's List
Maxwell Watercott President's List
Anthony Weaver President's List
Korben Weidenborner President's List
Ariel Weismann President's List
Kyle Weiss President's List
Desiree Welle President's List
Cynthia Wennekamp President's List
Tyler Wensmann President's List
Joseph Wentland President's List
Jake Westerlund President's List
Heidi Winkels President's List
Brandy Wood President's List
Madeline Woodruff-Towne President's List
Rebecca Wright President's List
Sadie Yasger President's List
Ashley Yourczek President's List
Raymond Zachman President's List
Maura Zack President's List
Kayla Zehowski President's List
Kaitlyn Zeimetz President's List
Yelizaveta Zhykhovich President's List
Aaron Zieglmeier President's List

Dean's List

St. Cloud Technical & Community College congratulates the following students for their academic achievement Fall 2017; they have earned recognition on the Dean’s list for a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.9.

Name Honor
Bahja Abdi Dean's List
Meymuna Abdi Dean's List
Hassan Abdullahi Dean's List
Yahya Abdulrahman Dean's List
Miski Adow Dean's List
Briana Alba Dean's List
Logan Aleshire Dean's List
Tanner Aleshire Dean's List
Kaiya Anderson Dean's List
Michael Anderson Dean's List
Quinn Anderson Dean's List
Zachary Athmann Dean's List
Isaac Backes Dean's List
Bridgette Bagley Dean's List
Mark Barbaro Dean's List
Jordon Barker Dean's List
Nicole Belanger Dean's List
Victoria Bell-Brown Dean's List
Katherine Bender Dean's List
Colton Benner Dean's List
Brandon Berg Dean's List
Luke Billmeyer Dean's List
Cordell Birch Dean's List
Sophia Bitz Dean's List
Ian Bleeker Dean's List
Griffin Brandenburger Dean's List
Maeci Braseth Dean's List
Emily Brausen Dean's List
Jacob Brinker Dean's List
Erin Britz Dean's List
Darrin Brown Dean's List
Austin Burger Dean's List
Terry Burke Dean's List
Gavin Burt Dean's List
Juan Cambara Dean's List
Caleb Carlson Dean's List
Noah Carlson Dean's List
Lauren Carstens Dean's List
Wesley Cavegn Dean's List
Niles Corrieri Dean's List
Kenneth Cruze Dean's List
Elizabeth Czech Dean's List
Logan Dahl Dean's List
Luke Dahlgren Dean's List
Cole Danielson Dean's List
Jimmy David Dean's List
Jason Dehn Dean's List
Leah Dehn Dean's List
Christian Xavier Delgado-Rodriguez Dean's List
Mercedes Dickerson Dean's List
John Dingmann Dean's List
Bonnie Doucette Dean's List
Scarlet Dusosky Dean's List
Justin Eide Dean's List
Brian Eikmeier Dean's List
Muniro Elmi Dean's List
Tyler Elness Dean's List
Aaron Embertson Dean's List
Benjamin Emerson Dean's List
Kaleb Fisher Dean's List
Al Flannigan Dean's List
Heath Foster Dean's List
Nicole Fournier Dean's List
Madalyn Fowler Dean's List
Brendan Frank Dean's List
Creighton Frank Dean's List
Justin Fredrickson Dean's List
Kendra Fuhrman Dean's List
Nicholas Gabrielson Dean's List
Amanda Garcia Dean's List
Brody Gehrke Dean's List
Keegan Geske Dean's List
Quinn Gibson Dean's List
Sarah Gieseke Dean's List
Johnathan Gill Dean's List
Kara Glassman Dean's List
Nicholas Godding Dean's List
Elliot Goldner Dean's List
Carlos Gomez Gamboa Dean's List
Kalley Gronau Dean's List
Nathan Gross Dean's List
Sapphire Grossinger Dean's List
Raina Haapala Dean's List
Jorgen Hackett Dean's List
Rebekah Hafstad Dean's List
Tessa Hager Dean's List
Jennifer Hallerman Dean's List
Zachary Halvorson Dean's List
Charity Hanson Dean's List
Joseph Hauge Dean's List
Tanner Haukos Dean's List
Andrew Hawk Dean's List
MaKenna Hegseth Dean's List
Ashley Hendrickson Dean's List
Kristie Hennen Dean's List
Blake Holmberg Dean's List
Joshua Holt Dean's List
Julia Holt Dean's List
Ian Hopper Dean's List
Melissa Hostetler Dean's List
Jay Howard Dean's List
Elizabeth Hruza Dean's List
Jennifer Jackson Dean's List
Philip Jacobs Dean's List
Cheryl Jamison Dean's List
Justin Jenks Dean's List
Trevor Jennrich Dean's List
Bria Johnson Dean's List
EvaLynn Johnson Dean's List
Jordan Johnson Dean's List
Joshua Johnson Dean's List
Noah Johnson Dean's List
Sean Johnson Dean's List
Claire Jones Dean's List
Dominic Jones Dean's List
Johannah Jones Dean's List
Matthew Jungels Dean's List
Kailey Karls Dean's List
Lex Karsch Dean's List
Fatuma Kassim Dean's List
Nathan Kelley Dean's List
Nathan Kiley Dean's List
Jessica Kinkaid Dean's List
Lana Klaphake Dean's List
Hunter Kleinschmidt Dean's List
Samuel Klejeski Dean's List
Elle Koecheler Dean's List
Tyler Konz Dean's List
Mikayla Kotsmith Dean's List
Curtis Kranz Dean's List
Nelson Krause Dean's List
Shaun Kress Dean's List
Brian Kruschke Dean's List
Breanna Kurtz Dean's List
Sarah Kvas Dean's List
Kody Lamb Dean's List
Chelsey Lamm Dean's List
Olivia Lamont Dean's List
Alexys Lange Dean's List
David Lange Dean's List
Dalton Larsen Dean's List
Abigail Larson Dean's List
Sarah Larson Dean's List
Caylie Layne Dean's List
Gregory LeBlanc Dean's List
Anna Lentsch Dean's List
Angel Levtzow Dean's List
Celeste Leyva Dean's List
Kelly Loehrer Dean's List
Jordan Lund Dean's List
Cayla Lusche Dean's List
Andre Martoni de Oliveira Dean's List
Luis Massa Dean's List
Paige Maus Dean's List
Anthony McCoy Dean's List
Hannah Medvec Dean's List
Amanda Meehl Dean's List
Brandon Meyer Dean's List
Matthew Meyer Dean's List
Calvin Miller Dean's List
Mitchell Miller Dean's List
Natasha Miller Dean's List
Riley Miller Dean's List
Bullo Mire Dean's List
Drew Mistic Dean's List
Ikran Mohamud Dean's List
Tanner Molitor Dean's List
Ray Mueller Dean's List
Elijah Mulqueen Dean's List
Jacob Munson Dean's List
Brittany Nelson Dean's List
Kelsey Nelson Dean's List
Mallory Nelson Dean's List
Matthew Nelson Dean's List
Shannon Nelson Dean's List
Vanessa Nelson Dean's List
Shuler Neyssen Dean's List
Abigail Notsch Dean's List
Khalid Nur Dean's List
Matthew Odell Dean's List
Shaun O'Leary Dean's List
Chloe Orton Dean's List
Zachary Overboe Dean's List
Michael Pace Dean's List
Molly Paquin Dean's List
Adam Pardoen Dean's List
Alex Patton Dean's List
Ryne Pelzer Dean's List
Jordan Petermeier Dean's List
Dylan Peters Dean's List
Samuel Petersen Dean's List
Bionca Peterson Dean's List
Holly Pilarski Dean's List
Adam Pochardt Dean's List
Taylor Polta Dean's List
Ross Potts Dean's List
Samantha Potts Dean's List
Jessica Potzmann Dean's List
Julia Raisanen Dean's List
Devin Rausch Dean's List
Ashley Raymond Dean's List
Fatima Razo Aguilar Dean's List
Nicholas Reberg Dean's List
Toshia Reinke Dean's List
Kaitlyn Reynolds Dean's List
Daighton Ripp Dean's List
Adam Ritchie Dean's List
Isaac Rodriguez Dean's List
Mitchell Rolek Dean's List
Brandie Roscoe Dean's List
Abigail Rose Dean's List
Michael Sakry Dean's List
Samantha Salscheider Dean's List
Emily Schindler Dean's List
Colten Schramel Dean's List
Joshua Schroden Dean's List
Haley Schwindel Dean's List
Hannah Scott Dean's List
Nicole Sieben Dean's List
Mandie Sigfrinius Dean's List
Aarika Skadsem Carlson Dean's List
Brent Smith Dean's List
Lindsey Sobania Dean's List
Andrew Soltis Dean's List
Angelle Spaeth Dean's List
Alex Spoden Dean's List
Amanda Stadther Dean's List
Bryce Stalboerger Dean's List
James Stalpes Dean's List
Ann Stang Dean's List
Peter Stang-Walz Dean's List
Elijah Stark-Haws Dean's List
Luke Stellmach Dean's List
Kayla Stewart Dean's List
Payton Stockler Dean's List
Julia Stotz Dean's List
Nicholas Strate Dean's List
Sarah Stronczer Dean's List
Tianna Swanson-Wente Dean's List
Amber Swarthout Dean's List
Mackenzie Tadych Dean's List
Brooke Tamm Dean's List
Khaliah Taylor Dean's List
Julia Teich Dean's List
Morgan Tesch Dean's List
Joseph Thell Dean's List
Joshua Thies Dean's List
Bradley Thommes Dean's List
Madison Thompson Dean's List
Jennifer Thuftedal Dean's List
Taylor Tischer Dean's List
Thomas Trnka Dean's List
Amanda Trutwin Dean's List
Brooke Tschida Dean's List
Nicholas Turner Dean's List
Saige VanDenBroeke Dean's List
Travis Vander Weyst Dean's List
James Vang Dean's List
Tong Vang Dean's List
Megan VanHeel Dean's List
Darby Vassar Dean's List
Rachel Veerkamp Dean's List
Andrea Vermeer Dean's List
Jessica Walz Dean's List
Brayton Weber Dean's List
Jake Welle Dean's List
Andrew Wensman Dean's List
Kaitlyn Wensman Dean's List
Kirsten Weseman Dean's List
Allison Wieling Dean's List
Victoria Wiener Dean's List
Kyle Willenbring Dean's List
Cody Winkelman Dean's List
Erin Witte Dean's List
Patricia Witucki Dean's List
David Woitas Dean's List
Derek Worth Dean's List
Abbie Wuertz Dean's List
Joshua Zabinski Dean's List
Kayla Zarbok Dean's List
Jordan Zirbes Dean's List


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