President's and Dean's List | Fall 2016


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Students earning a 4.0 were named to the President's List; students earning a 3.5 to 3.9 were named to the Dean's List.

NOTE: Only students who had full-time status (taking 12+ credits) during the Fall 2016 Semester will appear on this list. If you have completed a Non-disclosure of Directory Information Form, you will not be listed.

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President's List

St. Cloud Technical & Community College congratulates the following full-time, admitted students for their academic achievement Fall 2016; they have earned recognition on the President’s List, for a grade point average of 4.0. 
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Name Honor
Khadra Adan President's List
Ahmed Aden President's List
Abdi Adow President's List
Katelyn Ahrens President's List
Jeremy Albedyll President's List
Isaiah Almanza President's List
Jessica Ambrosch President's List
Sawyer Amo President's List
Eivonne Anderson President's List
Abe Anderson President's List
Amy Anderson President's List
Sawyer Anderson President's List
Barbara Aniagyei Agyako President's List
Mikayla Asfeld President's List
Vincent Baert President's List
Ryan Baert President's List
Mark Barbaro President's List
Iliana Barrientos Munoz President's List
Olivia Bartz President's List
Michael Benjamin President's List
Stephanie Benoit President's List
Ryan Berg President's List
Karissa Bienusa President's List
Dianne Binsfeld President's List
Benjamin Blais President's List
Miranda Blake President's List
Jeremy Boehne President's List
Donald Bothun President's List
Christopher Braun President's List
Kristi Brown President's List
Darrin Brown President's List
Megan Bryan President's List
Melissa Buettner President's List
Chloe Callahan President's List
Kristina Carroll President's List
Ashley Cassens President's List
Sean Caveny President's List
Anne Clyne President's List
Adam Cox President's List
Tyler Cronquist President's List
Cassidy Czeck President's List
Monica Dalhoff President's List
Justine Dalhoff President's List
Devon Dawson President's List
Travis Decker President's List
Bonnie Doucette President's List
Alesha Doyal President's List
James Eben President's List
Anna Emerson President's List
Lydia Erickson President's List
Steven Faber President's List
Katie Gallentine President's List
Trey Garceau President's List
Essa Gassama President's List
Ashlee Gibson President's List
Keri Gist President's List
Cassandra Glanzer President's List
Nicholas Gorton President's List
Bradley Grangroth President's List
Shane Grangroth President's List
Kimberly Gregory President's List
Logan Gries President's List
Shelby Hall President's List
Jacquelyn Hallermann President's List
Raelynn Haneca President's List
Tyler Hansen President's List
Daniel Hansen President's List
Katrina Hansmeier President's List
Shamso Hassan President's List
Tori Hayunga President's List
Lucas Hedtke President's List
MaKenna Hegseth President's List
Carley Heiling President's List
Mariah Heinze President's List
Lindsay Helfenstein President's List
Eric Helgeson President's List
Elizabeth Hennager President's List
Matthew Hennes President's List
Marisa Henrikson President's List
Yer Her President's List
Brittany Heskin President's List
Amanda Hoeschen President's List
Paul Hokanson President's List
Cody Holland President's List
Cassandra Holmquist President's List
Joshua Hoops President's List
Joshua Hoversten President's List
Connor Huberty President's List
Elizabeth Hull President's List
Haley Huls President's List
Macey Hurrle President's List
Abdi Ibrahim President's List
Jennifer Jacobsen President's List
Kalie Jergens President's List
Kathrynn Johnson President's List
Leah Johnson President's List
Andrea Johnson President's List
Jason Johnson President's List
Dominic Jones President's List
Noah Kalway President's List
Andrew Kampa President's List
Caitlin Kania President's List
Jason Karolus President's List
Mariah Katzner President's List
Breanna Kelash President's List
Tyler Keltner-Lutz President's List
Zoey Kenning President's List
Karlee Kern President's List
Joshua King President's List
Shania Kinghorn President's List
Lana Klaphake President's List
Teri Kleinsmith President's List
Amber Kloss President's List
Alex Knapp President's List
Dakotah Knox President's List
Linda Koltes President's List
Magdalin Koltes President's List
Daniel Kramer President's List
Abby Kunkel President's List
Nathaniel Kvanvig President's List
Macala Lafrentz President's List
Rodney Lancour President's List
Lukas Lanners President's List
Kyla Larsen President's List
Brian Larson President's List
Jennifer Larson President's List
Alyssa Laumann President's List
Morgan Leners President's List
Scott Lentner President's List
McKenzie Lersch President's List
Brianna LeTourneau President's List
Ashley LeVos President's List
Katie Lind President's List
Jane Lindsay President's List
Rachel Lindsey President's List
Emily Lisson President's List
Kaylee Lodermeier President's List
Preston Loidolt President's List
Matthew Lothamer President's List
Mitchell Lowell President's List
Alexandria Ludington President's List
Logan Lunde President's List
Chad Lust President's List
Avery Mann President's List
Melanie Marana President's List
Jessica Marshbank President's List
Andre Martoni de Oliveira President's List
Craig Maslonkowski President's List
Mariah Maslowski President's List
McKayla Masog President's List
Brandon Matthies President's List
Danielle Mattila President's List
Samantha Matuzak President's List
Andrea McCain President's List
Mackenzie McCann President's List
Steven McCoy President's List
Justin Meyer President's List
Natasha Miller President's List
Kristin Miller President's List
Ifrah Moalim President's List
Marissa Moeller President's List
Tanner Molitor President's List
Mohamedkadar Mumin President's List
Blayne Murphy President's List
Craig Myhre President's List
Mason Nash President's List
Cheyenne Nelson President's List
Cole Nelson President's List
Nathan Nierenhausen President's List
Nathan Nordmann President's List
Alicia Northenscold President's List
Gabrielle Nouis President's List
Shana O'Brien President's List
Gretchen Olson President's List
Hailey Ostby President's List
Karlie Osterbauer President's List
Steven Pass President's List
Fabian Patino President's List
Samuel Petersen President's List
McKenzie Peterson President's List
Robert Phillips President's List
Tanner Pietrowski President's List
Henry Poling President's List
Taylor Polta President's List
Ross Potts President's List
Larissa Prestino President's List
Carly Pruszinske President's List
McKayla Quade President's List
Barbara Quesnel President's List
Jennifer Reek President's List
Travis Rehkamp President's List
Nicholas Reiman President's List
Anthony Revermann President's List
Ahna Richardson President's List
Matthew Ricke President's List
Abigail Rose President's List
Rose Rubenstein President's List
Andrew Rudd President's List
Patrick Ruegemer President's List
Jamie Rustad President's List
Victoria Sanchez President's List
Mahamoudou Sandwidi President's List
Nicole Schaefer President's List
Ryan Scheil President's List
Barbara Schloemer President's List
Michael Schroden President's List
Rachel Schueller President's List
Mariah Schwankl President's List
Wesley Seelen President's List
Stacy Seeman President's List
Kaelin Smieja President's List
Erin Smith President's List
Aaron Sohl President's List
Ryan Sowada President's List
Alex Spoden President's List
Angela Springer President's List
Samantha Stearns President's List
Christopher Stockwell President's List
Dylan Sunderman President's List
Sandra Tabor President's List
William Tadych President's List
David Thell President's List
Emily Then President's List
Faith Thompson President's List
Dustin Thompson President's List
Zachary Tomsche President's List
Tara Tulenchik President's List
Arin Van Culin President's List
Julia VanDalen President's List
Hannah VanHale President's List
Marinus Verwijs President's List
Rachael Vosen President's List
Brittany Vyskocil President's List
Bruce Walkley President's List
Daniel Walz President's List
Olga Walz President's List
Robert Wark President's List
Karyn Weese President's List
Symone Weinandt President's List
Jake Welle President's List
Tucker Wendroth President's List
Cynthia Wennekamp President's List
Austin Williams President's List
Grant Wilson President's List
Kara Winkels President's List
Taylor Wolbersen President's List
Sara Yarand President's List
Larina Young President's List
Tarah Young President's List
Marissa Zarbok President's List
Kaitlyn Zeimetz President's List

Dean's List

St. Cloud Technical & Community College congratulates the following students for their academic achievement Fall 2016; they have earned recognition on the Dean’s list, for a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.9.

Name Honor
Gabrielle Agnew Dean's List
Fadumo Ahmed Dean's List
Steven Alba Dean's List
Michael Anderson Dean's List
Nimo Arte Dean's List
Brian Aschenbrenner Dean's List
Isaac Barten Dean's List
Eva Bauer Dean's List
Sara Beard Dean's List
Shawn Becker Dean's List
Nicole Belanger Dean's List
Bailey Bergeron Dean's List
Gregory Bertrand Dean's List
Benjamin Binczik Dean's List
Tyler Bjorstrom Dean's List
Daniel Blackstone Dean's List
Jenna Bohlman Dean's List
Kirsten Borash Dean's List
Charlie Borer Dean's List
Jennifer Bracken Dean's List
Kristina Braun Dean's List
David Bray Dean's List
Dillon Brickweg Dean's List
Cody Brown Dean's List
Terry Burke Dean's List
Ryan Burnham Dean's List
Shane Busch Dean's List
Ally Bushendorf Dean's List
Joshua Carlson Dean's List
Thomas Carriveau Dean's List
Lauren Carstens Dean's List
Kathleen Cattanach Dean's List
Wesley Cavegn Dean's List
Benjamin Cencer Dean's List
Ryan Chesemore Dean's List
Kelsey Christen Dean's List
Joel Christensen Dean's List
John Clemmer Dean's List
Alyssa Cogswell Dean's List
Niles Corrieri Dean's List
Jacob Cossairt Dean's List
Abby Creger Dean's List
Cora Cummings Dean's List
Brenda Czech Dean's List
Logan Dahl Dean's List
Leah Dehn Dean's List
Lauren Ditmarson Dean's List
Sierra Doble Dean's List
Mckinzie Dockendorf Dean's List
Cullen Doms Dean's List
Samantha Dullinger Dean's List
Hannah Ebensteiner Dean's List
Bryce Ebnet Dean's List
Emily Eckel Dean's List
Rebecca Eickhoff Dean's List
Hannah Eiynck Dean's List
Daniel Ellingson Dean's List
Tyler Elness Dean's List
Ethan Engle Dean's List
Tyler Ensrude Dean's List
Courtney Erickson Dean's List
Brady Erickson Dean's List
Thomas Feda Dean's List
Katherine Fischer Dean's List
Marvin Fleck Dean's List
Amanda Foss Dean's List
Layne Frank Dean's List
Eric Froehlich Dean's List
Zachary Fuecker Dean's List
Abdinasir Gedi Dean's List
Justin Gerads Dean's List
Samantha Gertken Dean's List
Quinn Gibson Dean's List
Isaiah Gleitz Dean's List
Sarah Goenner Dean's List
Jacob Goodall Dean's List
Kristin Grebinoski Dean's List
Dallas Greenslit Dean's List
Joshua Gregerson Dean's List
Betty Grell Dean's List
Nakina Gross Dean's List
Kirstin Gunderson Dean's List
Tessa Gutzkow Dean's List
Kate Guzman Dean's List
Lance Haegele Dean's List
Aunie Hall Dean's List
Erika Halvorson Dean's List
Sarah Hanauska Dean's List
Lance Hank Dean's List
Rachel Hannahs Dean's List
Dylan Harris Dean's List
Victoria Hart Dean's List
Logan Hayes Dean's List
Jesse Helgeson Dean's List
Jessica Helms Dean's List
Nicholas Helms Dean's List
Ashley Hendrickson Dean's List
Briana Hernandez Dean's List
Tawnee Herold Dean's List
Sonja Hocking Dean's List
Brady Hoffmann Dean's List
Megan Hoheisel Dean's List
Allie Holthaus Dean's List
Ciara Honl Dean's List
Tyler Hultgren Dean's List
Levi Hunt Dean's List
Nejah Ibrahim Dean's List
Abigail Irsfeld Dean's List
Kyerstun Jackels Dean's List
Madison Jasmer Dean's List
Sophia Jenkins Dean's List
Khadija Jeylani Dean's List
Lucas Job Dean's List
EvaLynn Johnson Dean's List
Mathew Johnson Dean's List
Kailey Johnson Dean's List
Matthew Johnson Dean's List
Anthony Johnson Dean's List
Brooke Johnson Dean's List
Noah Johnson Dean's List
Jessie Johnson Dean's List
Madison Johnson Dean's List
Brandon Jones Dean's List
Kennedy Jurek Dean's List
Maxwell Kalina Dean's List
Jordan Kansanback Dean's List
Chris Kellner Dean's List
Rebecca Kieffer Dean's List
Alicia King Dean's List
Ashley Kittelson Dean's List
Hunter Kleinschmidt Dean's List
Gunner Kleinschmidt Dean's List
Micayla Klinghagen Dean's List
Brad Knapp Dean's List
Patrick Knutson Dean's List
Jordan Kocher Dean's List
Kristi Koerner-Godfrey Dean's List
Keith Korsmo Dean's List
Brianna Kortuem Dean's List
Mitchell Koski Dean's List
Nelson Krause Dean's List
Caroline Kriske Dean's List
Kara Krotzer Dean's List
Brian Kruschke Dean's List
Gina Kuebelbeck Dean's List
Noa Kunstleben Dean's List
Hailey Lahr Dean's List
Kassandra Lee Dean's List
Adam Lemke Dean's List
Devin LeTourneau Dean's List
Megan Lewandowski Dean's List
Casey Lewis Dean's List
Celeste Leyva Dean's List
Joan Luedeman Dean's List
Cayla Lusche Dean's List
Nicole Mach Dean's List
John Manthie Dean's List
Audra Marquard Dean's List
Kalli Mathiasen Dean's List
Ashley May Dean's List
Amanda McDonald Dean's List
Josh Menzel Dean's List
Kendall Meyer Dean's List
Lucas Michl Dean's List
Ismahan Mohamed Dean's List
Fatuma Mohamud Dean's List
Jared Monson Dean's List
Zaya Moreno Dean's List
Ray Mueller Dean's List
Joshua Neft Dean's List
Lynn Nelson Dean's List
Jordan Nelson Dean's List
Adrianna Nettestad Dean's List
Tiana Nichelson Dean's List
Brock Nyren Dean's List
Racquel O'Brien Dean's List
Hannah Oehrlein Dean's List
Eric O'Hotto Dean's List
Darion Olson Dean's List
Jonathan Olson Dean's List
Nicholas Olson Dean's List
Ashley Olson Dean's List
Lisa O'Mara Dean's List
Brandon Overman Dean's List
Erik Oveson Dean's List
Louise Pedersen Dean's List
Hannah Peterson Dean's List
Samuel Peterson Dean's List
Tara Peterson Dean's List
Michael Pfannenstein Dean's List
Brittany Pfannenstein Dean's List
Jamie Phelps-McMoran Dean's List
Brielle Pierson Dean's List
Miranda Pogreba Dean's List
Danielle Potocnik Dean's List
Joshua Pyka Dean's List
Amanda Rasinski Dean's List
Logan Raygor Dean's List
Megan Reber Dean's List
Brianna Reimann Dean's List
Tyler Reimann Dean's List
Adam Reinholz Dean's List
Mary Reinke Dean's List
Larry Reisinger Dean's List
Devon Revering Dean's List
Kaitlyn Reynolds Dean's List
Adam Richardson Dean's List
Adam Ritchie Dean's List
Sierra Rivers Dean's List
Joseph Robberstad Dean's List
Tiffany Robertson-Hall Dean's List
Savannah Rodriguez Dean's List
Kristin Roehrl Dean's List
Cole Runge Dean's List
Krista Russek Dean's List
Anna Rynda Dean's List
Samantha Salscheider Dean's List
Mitchell Sand Dean's List
Tyler Sandeen Dean's List
Darian Sanders Dean's List
Sawyer Sansevere Dean's List
Benjamin Scegura Dean's List
Brandon Schlagel Dean's List
Karri Schlichting Dean's List
Kaitlyn Schlief Dean's List
Travis Schluter Dean's List
Sarah Schmit Dean's List
Chelsea Schroeder Dean's List
Justin Schroepfer Dean's List
Elizabeth Schutt Dean's List
Blake Schweninger Dean's List
Kamryn Scoles Dean's List
Andrew Seminitis Dean's List
Melissa Sherman Dean's List
Aniza Shukri Dean's List
Nicole Sieben Dean's List
MaKenna Skwira Dean's List
Jonathan Sodergren Dean's List
Cody Sovereign Dean's List
Alexis Stanlake Dean's List
Kayla Stewart Dean's List
Sandra Storkamp Dean's List
Tina Streit Dean's List
Abbey Sutton Dean's List
Joseph Symalla Dean's List
Cassondra Tenvoorde Dean's List
Ashley Terwey Dean's List
Jacob Thell Dean's List
Payton Thompson Dean's List
Treanna Thompson Dean's List
Dylan Triplett Dean's List
Austin Tschida Dean's List
Ashley Tuomie Dean's List
Wyatt Tyson Dean's List
Travis Tyson Dean's List
Dustin Unger Dean's List
Kayla Vait Dean's List
Skyler Valdovinos Dean's List
James Vang Dean's List
Keaton Vann-Sjogren Dean's List
Lucas Voigt Dean's List
Bonnie Vouk Dean's List
Jonathan Wall Dean's List
Briana Walz Dean's List
Rose Waytashek Dean's List
Gunder Wegener Dean's List
Korben Weidenborner Dean's List
Trey Weispfennig Dean's List
Chantel Welle Dean's List
Joseph Wentland Dean's List
Erik Whitcomb Dean's List
Victoria Wiener Dean's List
Kyle Willenbring Dean's List
Brent Wolters Dean's List
Joshua Zabinski Dean's List
Samuel Zieglmeier Dean's List
Isaac Zipp Dean's List




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