What is the Library?

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September 22, 2022

What does a library do for you? What is a librarian?

We get these questions pretty often. Or, I can see that people have the question but are not sure how to say it.

There is a simple answer: the library is your source for information. We are here to help you with all kinds of information needs. We work with you to find the best books, videos, graphics, websites – whatever you need. 

If you need articles or books to use when writing papers, we can help you to find just what you need – quickly. With over 400,000 digital items in our collection, we have material on every topic you need! Books on every subject to support your education, articles, patents, conference reports, and more. And! It’s all available at no cost to you while you are part of the SCTCC community.

If you need to find out about certification requirements, what kinds of plants are dangerous to have around babies and cats, the rules for playing chess, a selection of interesting podcasts, or even just want to read a book (paper, audio, or ebook formats): we are here to help you find all of that. There is a lot of garbage and bad information online; we give you the tools to get past that to the good stuff.

Libraries all have a few individual things, to serve their communities. Here are a few bonus services we have for you: 

  • Study rooms. Need a place to take a break? Or to go between classes? Or to work with a partner or small group? Come visit us! We will put you into a room for two hours; and if nobody is waiting, you can stay longer.
  • Puzzles. You need a break. You have been working, and if you step away for a few minutes, you can return refreshed. We have puzzles for you to check out. And puzzles for you to work in the library. There is a doable puzzle – something we can finish together over a week or two. And there is an impossible puzzle. Maybe it’s not actually impossible, but this one has been underway for a while, and it’s not done yet. (We are making slow but steady progress!)
  • Computer lab. We have several desktop computer for you to use, in a (reasonably) quiet environment. We also have a color and black and white printer for you.
  • DVDs. Some of these cover subjects you are looking at in class, so are educational in general, and some are just fun. We also have small DVD players for you to check out in the library.
  • M-Readers. I’ve talked about these, and want to keep promoting them for you! Enjoy a shorter book to get the fun of reading, to enjoy time reading with a family member – especially kids, or to get through a requirement for class.

Stop by the library! We always enjoy visitors, and we have the best seating on campus. Or, send me an email; we can set up a Zoom session and work through all your information needs.

Kate Wallace
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