Online Course Feedback

Getting feedback from your instructors

  • Most instructors will respond to your questions posted in the discussions forum’s “questions and answers” area within one school day (Monday through Friday). This can be faster than a traditional class where you have to wait for the next class session to have your question addressed. Individual instructors might have different response time policies, so be sure to check the syllabus for your class.  
  • Your instructor might answer questions on the weekends as well, but just like you, your instructor might choose to spend time away from work with family and friends. Also, you should not expect your instructor to respond to your questions during holidays.
  • When you're asking a question, it’s important to be specific and clear. Your instructor might find it helpful if you ask your question, and state "I think that the answer is" and then provide your best guess. This will help your instructor better understand your question, and it will save him or her time if you already have the correct answer (they can answer, "Yes! You're right"). 
  • Make sure to read the news page. Most instructors will give students reminders, clarifications on assignments, and hints about completing assignments in that area.
  • Most instructors will grade all of the assignments at once to ensure that they’re using the same criteria and are in the same state of mind in order to be fair to all students. For this reason, you’re not likely to receive a grade on an assignment until after the deadline has passed.
  • Realize that it will take longer for your instructor to grade papers, exams, and other major projects; you may not receive your grade and feedback for up to a week after the deadline. Smaller assignments might be graded within a day or two after their deadline.
  • If you fall behind in your course, do not feel that you need to drop the course. First make an effort to contact your instructor and see if you can come up with a realistic plan to get caught up in the course.