Program Learner Outcomes

Environmental Science AS
1 - Explain the processes of scientific methods and demonstrate the processes during experimental works.
2 - Demonstrate and apply environmental science concepts and processes.
3 - Preform using instruments and techniques in laboratory and field works.
4 - Demonstrate the ability to work independently and also as a team in the laboratory and field works.
5 - Understand and apply the technology of GIS and GPS knowledge for virtualization and modeling environmental issues and Interpreting spatial patterns using map concepts.
6 - Describe the functions and processes of environmental systems.
7 - Explain effects of anthropogenic on the earth systems and propose solutions to environmental issues.
8 - Analyze quantitative date, critical thinking, ethic, and problem solving.
9 - Explore how environmental science is able to develop sustainable solution to our environmental issues.
10 - Understand concepts, effects, and management of renewable and non-renewable energy.