SCTCC's Economic Impact on the St. Cloud Region

SCTCC contributes $188.6 million to the regional economy, along with 1,650 jobs.

In academic year 2016–2017, SCTCC awarded 1,126 associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The 98 percent job placement rate in students’ fields speaks to the preparation that SCTCC provides students, with many of the technical programs boasting 100 percent placement.

Based upon the (conservative) assumption that each graduate will earn an additional $6,250 annually over those with only a high school degree, and an average career span of 40 years, SCTCC alumni living and working in Minnesota will have contributed nearly $3.6 billion in impact over the span of their careers. SCTCC and its students and alumni are putting their skills to work on behalf of their communities. Alumni live and work in the Central Minnesota region, with nearly 75 percent of graduates working within 35 miles of St. Cloud. SCTCC alumni volunteer for both the Foundation Board and program advisory boards, giving their time to the college.