Courses - Farm Business Management

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
FBMT1112Foundations for Farm Business Management4
FBMT1121Preparation for Farm Business Analysis4
FBMT1122Implementing the System Management Plan4
FBMT1131Managing and Modifying Farm System Data4
FBMT1132Interpreting and Using Farm System Data4
FBMT1211Introduction to Farm Business Management4
FBMT1213Managing a Farm System in a Global Economy2
FBMT1223Using System Analysis in Total Farm Planning2
FBMT1233Application of Productive Enterprise Information2
FBMT2141Interpreting and Evaluation of Financial Data4
FBMT2142Interpreting Trends in Business Planning4
FBMT2151Strategies in Farm System Data Management4
FBMT2152Integrating System Information for Financial Planning4
FBMT2161Examination of the Context of Farm System Management4
FBMT2162Refining Farm System Management4
FBMT2200Special Topics- General Farm Management1
FBMT2201Special Topics - General Farm Management1
FBMT2202Special Topics - General Farm Management1
FBMT2203Special Topics - General Farm Management1
FBMT2204Special Topics - General Farm Management1
FBMT2205Special Topics - General Farm Management2
FBMT2206Special Topics - General Farm Management2
FBMT2207Special Topics - General Farm Management2
FBMT2208Special Topics - General Farm Management2
FBMT2209Special Topics - General Farm Management2
FBMT2210Special Topics-Marketing1
FBMT2211Special Topics - Marketing1
FBMT2212Special Topics - Marketing1
FBMT2213Special Topics - Marketing1
FBMT2214Special Topics - Marketing1
FBMT2220Special Topics - Crops1
FBMT2221Special Topics-Crops1
FBMT2222Special Topics - Crops1
FBMT2223Special Topics-Crops1
FBMT2224Special Topics- Crops1
FBMT2230Special Topics - Livestock1
FBMT2231Special Topics-Livestock1
FBMT2232Special Topics-Livestock1
FBMT2233Milker Training School1
FBMT2234Special Topics - Livestock1
FBMT2235Special Topics-Livestock2
FBMT2236Special Topics - Livestock2
FBMT2237Special Topics - Livestock2
FBMT2238Special Topics - Livestock2
FBMT2239Special Topics-Livestock2
FBMT2243Using Financial Instruments in Farm System Management2
FBMT2253System Plans and Projections2
FBMT2263Evaluating Farm System Programs2
FBMT2930Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt. as it relates to Risk Mgmt.3
FBMT2931Applied Financial Management as it Relates to Risk Management3
FBMT2932Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt/Strategic Planning Emphasis3
FBMT2933Applied Financial Mgmt./Strategic Planning Emphasis3
FBMT2934Fundamental of Financial Management/Business Plan Emphasis3
FBMT2935Applications of Financial Management/Business Plans3
FBMT2950Directed Study - Decision Making2
FBMT2951Directed Study - Communications2
FBMT2952Directed Studies in Modern Agricultural Technology2
FBMT2953Directed Studies in Farm Business and/or Family Transition2
FBMT2954Directed Study - Personnel Management2
FBMT2955Directed Study - Enterprise Alternatives2