TRiO - Program Goals & Objectives

Grant Objectives 2010-2015

A total of 160 eligible students will participate in the project each year.

Objective 1

Good Academic Standing - 85% of project participants will maintain or exceed the academic performance levels, (2.00 or greater based on a 4.00 scale) required to stay in good academic standing at SCTCC.

Objective 2

Persistence (Retention) – 75% of project participants will persist toward completion of the academic programs in which they are enrolled. 

Objective 3

Graduation – At least 30% of each year’s cohort will graduate within three years. Transfer – a minimum of 2% or each year’s cohort will transfer to another institution of higher learning within three years.

Objective 4

Administrative – 100% the extent to which the applicant has met the administrative requirements – including record keeping, reporting and financial accountability. Including providing the number of participants that are low-income and first generation, and individuals with disabilities to assure compliance with the 1/3-2/3 requirements.