TRIO - Tutoring Services

TRIO student tutoring another student

Students who are in TRIO can connect with the TRIO office several ways.

TRIO SSS offers both General Education and one-on-one Course Specific Tutoring services to students who are a part of the TRIO SSS program.

To receive General Education Tutoring, SSS students can use the TRIO Resource Center or Center for Academic Success, where tutors are available Monday through Friday.  Students are able to make one-on-one General Education Tutoring appointments in the TRIO Resource Center, or stop in and receive help as needed.

To receive one-on-one Program Specific Course Tutoring students must complete the following process:

  1. Complete a Tutor Request Form
  2. Meet with Tutor Coordinator
  3. Create a Tutoring Plan
  4. Receive Tutoring Services
  5. Provide Feedback on Tutor Plan and Services

Forms (PDF format):

Fall 2022 Tutoring:


TRIO Resource Center


Room: 1-252
Phone: 320-308-5159


Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

For more information, please contact:


William Tuoy-Giel, TRIO SSS Director
Northway Building Room 1-131A