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Cyber security
May 24, 2019

You’ve heard the stories about ID theft and data breaches. You’ve probably gotten emails from companies where you’ve used a credit card with the bad news that there was a data breach, so watch your bank account for any fishy activity.

You know what you need to do as a consumer, but what...

keyboard, question mark and computer pointer
December 17, 2018

PC specialists are computer experts who help users set up their computer systems or troubleshoot problems. They may help clients in a company setting or an individual in their home. They install software and connect computers and printers to the Internet. They take care of routine maintenance...

SCTCC students who competed in NetRiders competition
May 24, 2017

“You hear about so many opportunities and stories that happened because someone took a chance and something came of it. If nothing comes of them, then they still make for good stories and experiences,” said Jason Rewerts, recent SCTCC Network Administration graduate.

For Rewerts, Cisco...