Add, Drop, Withdraw


Adding and dropping of ourses can be done through the online registration system.

Adding a course

Students may add full-semester courses through the third day of the semester.

Courses that begin outside of this time frame can be added through the first business day after the start of the course. For example, if the semester starts on a Monday, but the first day of class is Thursday night, the student has until the end of business day Friday to add the course.

Dropping a course

Students may drop full-semester courses through the fifth business day of the semester.

If a course begins outside the defined free drop period, a student has the right to attend the first session of the course and has until the close of the next business day to drop with a full refund.

  • Students withdrawing from courses after the defined Drop period will receive a grade of “W.” Students may withdrawal using the online registration system or in person with a form in the Registration Office.
  • No student may withdraw from a full term course after 80% of the instructional days have elapsed for the course.
  • No tuition refunds will be processed by the Business Office for full term courses withdrawn from after the defined free Add/Drop period, unless the student completely withdraws from the college within the refund period.

Waiting lists

Students may add their names to the wait list for courses that are full. Instructions for adding your name to a waiting list are in the attached Waiting List Instruction PDF.

Withdraw from College

Students must officially and totally withdraw from the college in order to be eligible for any refund after the free drop period.

Withdrawal forms are available in the Admissions Office.

A student may not withdraw simply by non-attendance.

When students do not officially withdraw, they will receive the earned grade in each course for which they are registered, and will be liable for tuition and fees for all courses.

Refunds for complete withdrawal from the college will be:

A 100% refund of tuition and fees:

  • through the 5th business day of the term, OR
  • before 6% of the scheduled class sessions have elapsed (whichever is shorter).

A 75% refund of tuition and fees:

  • the 6th business day through the 10th business day, OR
  • before 12% of the scheduled class sessions have elapsed (whichever is shorter).

A 50% refund of tuition and fees:

  • the 11th business day through the 15th business day, OR
  • before 18% of the scheduled class sessions have elapsed (whichever is shorter).

A 25% refund of tuition and fees:

  • 16th business day and through the 20th business day, OR
  • before 24% of the scheduled class sessions have elapsed (whichever is shorter).

No refund of tuition or fees shall be provided to a student:

  • after the 20th business day of the term, OR
  • after 24% of the scheduled class sessions have elapsed (whichever is shorter).

Last date to withdraw:  80% of the instructional days of the semester.   Please see your class schedule to confirm the withdrawal date for a specific course.  For most courses in Fall Semester 2016 (those beginning the week of August 22 and ending December 22, 2016), the last date to withdraw is November 28. 

Students who withdraw from the college may be responsible for repaying all or part of their financial aid. View Repay for Withdrawal policy.

Student-Initiated Class Withdrawal

Students are responsible to ensure unwanted courses are dropped from their schedule.

Students who fail to drop their courses appropriately will be obligated to pay related tuition and fees.

Students should not assume that their instructors have dropped them from the class roster due to lack of attendance.

Students who stop attending classes without informing the Admissions Office will be re-admitted on a space available basis.

Instructor-Initiated Class Drop

An instructor is authorized to drop any student who fails to attend during the first week of the semester. The academic dean’s office will drop the names of students submitted by that instructor.

Instructor-Initiated Class Withdrawal

An instructor is authorized to withdraw any student who fails to attend or participate for two consecutive weeks of class. Students will receive grades of FN or FW if withdrawn by the instructor.

Military Leave

Students who are members of any branch of the U.S. military reserves and who are unable to complete a semester due to having been called to active duty, shall to the extent possible, be provided the following options:

  1. The student may be given a full refund of tuition. Students receiving financial aid who choose this option should be made aware that they may be liable for any required refunds of state or federal financial aid funds.
  2. The student may be given a grade of incomplete in a course and complete it upon release from active duty. Course completion may be accomplished by independent study or by retaking the course without payment of tuition. Under federal financial aid policies, a course that is retaken this way may not be counted towards a student’s enrollment load.
  3. If, in the instructor’s judgment, the student has completed sufficient course work to earn a grade of C or better, the student may be given credit for completion of the course.



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