Faculty Help - Password Rules

According to best business practices, a complex password policy is the basic foundation for computer and network security. SCTCC staff and faculty are required to use complex passwords on all SCTCC email and network accounts.

IT has outlined the following criteria for creating complex passwords and included various tips to help you in your selection. In accordance with best business practices, passwords will now consist of 3 of the 4 items listed below:

  • 1. At least one upper case letter. (A - Z)
  • 2. At least one lower case letter. (a - z)
  • 3. At least one number. (0 - 9)
  • 4. Special Characters: Note: The following characters: ~ ! $ % ^ & * () _ = , . / ; [] " <> {} \ | - are allowed. Spaces, @, ', ?, +, : are not allowed)

Reset My Password

Changing your password: According to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities security rules you must change your password every 180 days. Outlook remember your last 20 passwords, so the can not be used again. Outlook passwords can be changed in Outlook Web Access.  StarID Self Service site

To change your password:

How to change my password for email, the network, the intranet and D2L?

They can all be changed using the same online tool. Go to the StarID Self Service site , login with your current login information and update your password. You only need to change it once to update all three accounts. If assistance is needed, please stop by room 1-215 or call (320) 308-5972.

Reminders of pending password expiration are sent in two ways.  When logging in to the network a notice will be given that passwords are about to expire. There is also a notice posted in webmail near the top of the screen when your password is about to expire but the text is small and many people miss the warning.

If you do get locked out of your account and are not able to access it, please visit room 1-215 and we would be happy to assist you. Please be prepared to show your campus ID so we can verify your identity.


Contact Info

320.308.5000 or 1.800.222.1009

1540 Northway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303