SCTCC Faculty and Staff email/Office365 Migration

This information is for faculty or staff. If you are a student, CLICK HERE.

Office 365 news:

New Logon Information:

To align with the new Minnesota State brand, the login credentials for Office 365 applications for SCTCC will be changing the week of March 20 – March 26, 2017:

·         For employees, the current user name is and will change to

·         For students, the current user name is will log in as

The change will impact both desktop and web-based applications, including Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. Please continue to use your current username until you are notified otherwise.

NOTE!  This change will not impact your email address!

Next Steps: Look for a follow-up email with instructions for updating your user name within each Office 365 application. Updates and next steps will also be posted here.

In addition to email, Office 365 allows you to use the Microsoft Office suite of programs online. Some more benefits of using Office 365:

·         Individual online space with 1TB of storage

·         Free download of Office software suite for installation on personal home computers, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Publisher, Access, and InfoPath are also available for Windows systems

Setting up your Outlook Client

  1. Login to your campus computer as you normally do, using your StarID.
  2. Open your Outlook email
  3. Enter the new Unified MnSCU Username:
  4. Enter your password: your StarID password.

Tip: Configure Outlook (desktop) accounts to access Office 365 (.PDF) 

Tip: Change Your Contact List to Default to SCTCC (.PDF)

Setting up email on your mobile phone

You will need to delete your old account and create a new account on your phone.


Go to your phone setting and set up a new email account. Choose "Corporate."

For your username/email, use, and use your StarID password. Sign in. It will check the server settings and automatically populate.

Android email setup

Depending on your Android device, you may get a series of screens asking for security and setting changes and updates. Tap OK or Done as needed.



Go to your phone settings and set up a new email account. Select "Exchange."

For your username/email, use, and use your StarID password. Tap "Next". It will check the server settings and automatically populate.

Select which aspects of your account you want to sync with your phone, then tap "Save."

iphone mail setup

Login to your new Office 365 account after June 19


Login to your account using

Office365 Login

To get to your email from your Office 365 login, click on the "Mail" tile.

Tile page

Your Inbox will pop up.


To access your other apps from within Office 365, click on the "Tile" menu in the upper left corner.

App drop

To change your Outlook photo, click on the icon in the upper right corner, click on "Change," and follow the upload instructions.

Change pic

Will my email address be the same?

Faculty and staff email addresses will remain the same, and all email will be transferred to Office365. In addition, your voicemail will be transferred, and your greeting should remain the same.

Questions? Need help?

If you need assistance, please stop by the Helpdesk in 1-405, call 320-308-6445, or email



Contact Info

320.308.5000 or 1.800.222.1009

1540 Northway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303