Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

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Why Choose This Program

If you like to troubleshoot and repair, work with your hands, and apply your knowledge and skills to solve problems, this may be your career.

The Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration program prepares graduates for residential and commercial installation, service, and maintenance of heating/cooling and refrigeration systems, including troubleshooting electrical controls and motors.

You will be trained in refrigeration and heating process used commonly in the industry.

Well-trained technicians are in high demand with service/installation and manufacturing companies. This program also allows you to put your skills to work in maintenance positions at hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and other public or private facilities. Positions are also available in sales for service, supply, and manufacturing companies.

DJ Rothwell HVAC at SCTCC
HVAC/R Student
From Willmar, MN
Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Honestly, I never even thought I would get to this point. What drew me to it was my ability to learn and learn quickly. Once you learn HVAC, you learn about computer programming, electrical.
Jake from SCTCC HVAC
HVAC/R Student
Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
I like to work with my hands, fix things. I like to think mechanically. You're always doing something different. It's a good field to get into and you can a good living off it as well.

Skills Acquired

  • Use of VOM meters
  • Understanding of refrigeration and heating process
  • Reading and interpreting electrical diagrams
  • Solder and brazing of copper pipe
  • Repair of ice machines and refrigeration systems
  • Combustion analysis
2017 Placement Rate
Central MN Average Hourly Pay

Career Choices

  • Service/installation technician
  • Digital control programmer/technician
  • Equipment manufacture technician
  • Wholesale distributor sales
  • Manufacture service and install reps

Potential Employers

  • Service/Installation Contractors
  • Wholesale Companies
  • Public and Private Commercial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Distributers

Where Grads Work

  • McDowall Company
  • Marco
  • Gilbert Mechanical 
  • South Town Refrigeration 
  • SCR Central/Metro
  • Naylor Heating and Refrigeration 
  • Climate Air
  • Precise 
HVAC video
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Length: 1:49

Info Sessions

Contact Us

Phone: (320) 308-5916
Fax: (320) 308-5985

Program Costs

In addition to tuition and fees, students can expect costs of $2185-$2605 for books, supplies, and materials.

Program Scholarship

The following scholarships are available to HVAC/R students only:

  • John Brannan Memorial
  • McDowall Company

Apply just once and students are considered for all eligible SCTCC scholarships!

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