CAS Success Tips

The outside of the CAS

Learn about the CAS, the center for your academic success

Success Tips

The tutors from the CAS created the videos below to help you succeed as a student.

In the CAS

Online Classes

Be a successful online student with this video.


Go from disorganized to organized with these steps.

Keeping a Schedule

Organize your day with the power of a schedule.

How to Google Efficiently

Learn how to search effectively with Google.

D2L Communications

Learn about the communications tab on D2L: The home of discussion posts.


Learn how to use your SCTCC email.

How to log in to D2L

How to log in to D2L

Learn how to log into D2L.

The Syllabus

The Syllabus

What is a syllabus and why is it so important?

Student Resources Tour

Student Resources Tour

Take a virtual tour of student resources at SCTCC.

Shaun from the CAS

Computer Organization

Organize your computer with these helpful tips.

Teri from the CAS

D2L Assessments

Explore all the ways you'll use the D2L Assessments tab.