Tuition & Fees

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People with a 2-year degree have greater employment rates and earning potential than those with little or no higher education. If you choose to continue study at a 4-year college, your employment and earning potential increases even more. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in you, and your future.

Tuition & Fees

For most classes at St. Cloud Technical & Community College, the cost of tuition and fees is $202.51/credit for in-person and $212.39/credit for online classes, for both resident and non-resident students during the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Some courses and programs have a higher tuition and fees in order to provide the necessary technology and equipment to offer them; these include, but are not limited to:

  • Online courses and programs
  • Health programs

In addition, several programs require students invest in tools and equipment for use in the program as well as in their chosen career following graduation. For a comprehensive look at tuition, fees, books, supplies, tools, and equipment costs per program, review the Program Cost Sheet.

Download a PDF of the Tuition and fees rates

Fee purpose and amount per credit

Fees provide necessary funds to help create and maintain non-instructional services essential to the student educational experience. The following fees are assessed on a per-credit basis unless otherwise noted above.

Fees Cost per credit
Student Life/Activity Fee $7.40
Technology Fee $10.25
Health Services Fee $1.55
Parking Access Fee $3.25
Student Association Fee $0.35

Purpose of each fee

Student Life/Activity Fee: Helps offset the costs of student services, such as career services, free rides on Metro Bus, discount membership to the YMCA, student clubs, activities, and athletics.

Technology Fee: Helps ensure that students have access to and experience with the technology critical to their success, both in their academic endeavors and their professional careers.

Health Services Fee: Helps provide student prevention and health education programs, a Mental Health Professional, and support for students with health matters such as eating disorders, alcohol and other substance abuse, and stress management.

Parking Access Fee: Helps pay costs associated with construction, maintenance and operation of parking facilities.

Student Association Fee (MSCA): A Minnesota State College Student Association fee assessed per credit for student-initiated programs.