Copyright Infringement

Downloading or distributing copyrighted material, including through peer-to-peer file sharing, without the permission of the copyright owner is against the law. Illegal downloading or distribution of copyrighted materials can result in you being prosecuted in criminal court and/or sued for damages in civil court.

Criminal and Civil Penalties

Criminal penalties for first-time offenders can be as high as five years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

If sued in civil court, you may be responsible for monetary damages, attorney’s fees and civil penalties up to $150,000 per work distributed.

Use of college resources

Use of St. Cloud Technical & Community College resources for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials is forbidden.

The College prohibits illegal copyright infringement through its acceptable use policy and in its students conduct code. Disciplinary action, including loss of use of the college information technology systems up to and including expulsion from the College could result from violations of this policy.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires all colleges and universities to offer legal alternatives to unauthorized downloading. Educause includes all of the legitimate online services that they are currently aware of. No endorsement or evaluation of this site is intended by SCTCC.