Veterans' Benefits

SCTCC is honored to have you as part of our learning community. We want to help you on this next phase of your journey and will do our best to help you sort through the options that are right for you. Each veteran's experience is unique, and because of that, it's important to recognize advice on veteran’s benefits is best offered first by agencies responsible for those benefits.

The information below should help you get started.

Veteran's Education Benefits

For assistance determining the types of veteran’s benefits available as well as the process for securing those benefits, access the websites and phone number below.

Continuing GI Bill® Payments

To continue receiving GI Bill® payments, student veterans are required to do the following:

  1. Apply at the SCTCC veteran’s office each summer, fall, or spring to re-establish your benefits for the coming semester or school year.
  2. E-mail the Financial Aid Office of any changes you make to your credit load, address, or major.
  3. Send your AARTS, SMART or CCAF transcript to the Records Office to have your military education credits evaluated and applied to your college degree requirements.
  4. Maintain a 2.0 GPA.
  5. Know the policy on repeating a class. You cannot be paid for a course in which you previously received a passing grade (D or better) unless a higher grade is required for the major or is a prerequisite for another course needed in your major.
  6. Understand possible overpayment reasons and consequences.

Reasons for overpayment:

  • Withdrawing from a course without mitigating circumstances and/or dropping below 12 credits.
  • Receiving a grade which does not count toward graduation requirements.
  • Repeating a class in which you previously received a passing grade.

Consequences of overpayment:

  • Repay the overpayment to the VA if you quit school OR
  • Future payments will be reduced until the overpayment is paid off

Verify enrollment at end of each month

Call 1-877-823-2378


Go to WAVE at

Joint Services Transfer

Have your military transcript sent to SCTCC for us to review for possible transfer of credit.

Jason Wehry, Central Regional Coordinator, MN Dept of Veteran’s Affairs

Anita Baugh, School Certifying Official

The Veterans' Resource Center is located in room 1-328.