Reception for Pres. Kloos Welcomes Community, SCTCC

Chancellor Malhotra holds up Nametag for Lori Kloos
January 30, 2023

On Friday, Jan. 27, community members, faculty, staff, and students gathered in the main entrance to welcome President Lori Kloos to her newly appointed presidency after serving as interim president since July 2022.

Minnesota State Chancellor Devinder Malhotra welcomed everyone to the reception, stating that Pres. Kloos was the “right leader at the right time.”

“We want to be embedded in the community. I know in Lori Kloos, we have found a leader who is committed to breaking down those barriers,” said Malhotra.

Kloos has been at SCTCC for more than 20 years, serving in the business office and as Vice President of Administration and College Operating Officer. Malhotra made reference to her fiscal responsibility by presenting her current nametag with “Interim” crossed out.

“To our students: I am so excited to serve as your president. I am a product of Minnesota State colleges, and I have experienced first-hand of the transformational power of college. I am a first-generation college student, and I did not think college was for me,” said Kloos during her remarks. “I never believed my college pathways and career pathways would lead me to today. I know our students have great opportunities. Their pathway starts here.”

Not only did SCTCC employees and students gather to support the appointment of Kloos, but several community and business leaders did as well. For business and organizations in the community, have Kloos take on the presidency means an elevated level of stability and knowledge at SCTCC.  

“Lori is an extraordinarily competent leader and community builder. She has credibility within our community that is really hard to duplicate. She can talk to people, ask for the support she needs, and get it because she spent a couple decades building that community. From the standpoint of the SCTCC Foundation, we can’t imagine a better partner in building community support for St. Cloud Technial & Community College,” said Dave Borgert, the president of the Foundation and former CentraCare Director of Community of Government Relations.

The remarks at the reception were brief, and those in attendance were able to network and have a light snack after the welcome.

Prior to her appointment as interim president, Kloos served SCTCC as vice president of administration and chief financial officer from 2000 until 2022. She also served as SCTCC’s interim president 2017-2018 and as acting president in 2005 and 2022. She holds a diploma from Austin Area Vocational Technical Institute (now Riverland Community College) and a bachelor’s degree from Moorhead State University (now Minnesota State University Moorhead).

Kate Wallace