Starting a New Student Club

All students are invited to participate in campus clubs and organizations. Being a member of a club/organization is a fun way to connect with other SCTCC students who share common interests, get involved in SCTCC events/activities, enhance one's resume, learn interpersonal skills, and has been shown to help students in their classes. 

If you are a SCTCC student and have an idea for a new student club or organization, there are two steps to get your club/organization approved.

1.  Apply for Temporary Recognition.

Temporary Recognition allows you time to recruit other students who may be interested in becoming members, organize your club/organization (mission, purpose, goals and objectives, etc.), elect officers, and develop your official club/organization constitution, which governs the group. Other Temporary Recognition privileges include:

  • Use of SCTCC facilities and services. Rooms may be reserved by calling the Campus Life Director at (320) 308-5922.

  • Tabling to recruit members/interest

2.  Once you been designated Temporary Recognition status, you may apply for Permanent Recognition. When you have Permanent Recognition, the club/organization can sponsor events and activities appropriate to your specific organization under the auspices of SCTCC, fundraise, and receive club support funding. Other Permanent Recognition privileges include:

  • Advertising privileges on campus with access to Student Senate bulletin boards and video monitors.

  • Club/organization travel

  • Complete the Temporary Recognition Application and submit it to the Campus Life Director.
  • If temporary recognition is recommended by the Campus Life Director, the Campus Life Director will email the Permanent Recognition Packet and Constitution/By-Laws Template to the student applying and club advisor.

To be considered for Permanent Recognition, the student applying and club advisor must fully complete the Permanent Recognition Packet. In addition, a Club/Organization Constitution/By-laws must be created and submitted for approval. This document outlines the club/organization's purpose and all of its’ governing rules and regulations. If the group is affiliated with a national organization, the national’s constitution and by-laws must also be submitted. A Club/Organization Constitution/By-Laws Template has been created to assist new clubs/organizations with this task. 

Both the Permanent Recognition Packet and Constitution/By-Laws must be fully completed and submitted within two weeks of being granted Temporary Recognition.

  1. Upon receipt of the fully completed Permanent Recognition Packet and Constitution/By-Laws, the Campus Life Director will submit it to the Student Senate Executive Cabinet for discussion, questions, and voting at their next weekly meeting. 
  2. If approved by Student Senate Executive Cabinet, it will be presented to full Student Senate at the next Senate meeting (Senate meets bi-weekly) for discussion, questions, and final vote. The club advisor and student applying for the club will be notified via email regarding the Senate date in which their club will appear on the agenda and are highly encouraged to attend the meeting (to answer any Senate questions or concerns raised during discussion).

Upon Permanent Recognition, clubs/organizations will receive two budget accounts (Student Life/Fundraising) to use for operation. At this time, the Club Advisor(s), Club Treasurer, and Club President will need to sign a Signature File Sheet to authorize all club/organization business/financial transactions and purchasing rights through the Business Office.

Recognized clubs receive club support dollars twice a year (Fall/Spring Semester) via a formula based on the number of active members (due-paying members) and a portion of allocated dollars divided equally among all active clubs.

All recognized student clubs/organizations are eligible to raise funds from both on and off campus resources. However, all clubs/organizations must adhere to the SCTCC/Minnesota State fundraising guidelines as they pertain to student clubs/organizations.

Questions about starting a club? Contact Campus Life.