Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is intended for use by prospective first-time, full-time degree/certificate-seeking students to determine an estimated net cost of attendance.

The Net Price Calculator allows prospective students to calculate an estimated net price at St. Cloud Technical & Community College based on the information entered by the student and on what similar students paid in the previous year.


By clicking on the calculator link, you acknowledge that:

  • The cost of attendance used by the Net Price Calculator can be dramatically reduced by limiting cost of living expenses as well as miscellaneous expenses related to attending college.
  • This calculator is intended for incoming students who plan to enroll as full-time students and meet deadlines when applying for financial assistance.
  • This calculator provides only a rough approximation of financial aid (and even then, only if accurate data is entered into the calculator).
  • Not all students will qualify for all of the aid that the calculator indicates may be available.
  • The calculator is not designed to replace the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a complete financial aid award package provided by a college financial aid office. Financial aid is determined only after a student has completed the FAFSA and the admissions process.
  • Families who have high incomes or significant assets will not receive as accurate an estimate of financial aid eligibility.
  • The estimates generated by the Net Price Calculator do not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance or a final net price; these are only estimates based on price of attendance and financial aid provided to students in a given year.