Five Reasons PSEO is a Great Option for High School Students

You may have heard about the PSEO program and wondered if it could be a good fit for your student. Here are the top five reasons for high school students to enroll in the PSEO program at SCTCC.

1. PSEO is a great way for students to earn college credits (at no cost) while completing high school requirements.

College is expensive. From tuition and fees, to books, housing, food, parking, etc., the cost of higher education is substanial and shows signs of increasing in the future. The PSEO program covers the cost of all tuition, fees, and required textbooks, which saves students a lot of money. This is a huge benefit as students can complete their high school requirements for graduation and also complete college credits simultaneously, known as “dual credits”.

2. PSEO gives students the opportunity to explore different career fields and pathways.

Not only does the PSEO program allow students to take general education courses (such as English, math, science, history, etc.), but it also allows students to try career and technical courses. Students can try their hand at welding, business, computer programming, or even get their nursing assistant certification through the PSEO program.

3. Students can complete a diploma or a degree by the time they graduate high school.

It's possible for PSEO students to receive a diploma in programs such as Welding or Carpentry, an AAS degree in programs like Culinary Arts or Marketing & Design, or an AA degree, which can transfer to a four-year institution. Many PSEO students walk across the stage at SCTCC's Commencement receiving their diploma or degree a month before they walk in their own high school graduation ceremony!

4. Our general education credits are transferrable and accepted at any Minnesota State college or university.

A common misconception is that if students take courses from SCTCC, the credits may not transfer.  To resolve old issues, the state of Minnesota created the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) which guarantees transfer of liberal arts and science credits to any of the college and universities within the Minnesota State system. This allows students to start their education at SCTCC, and if they would like, finish a bachelor’s degree at another institution.

5. PSEO students are treated like regular students.

One reason the PSEO program is so life-changing for high school students is that it allows students to take responsibility and gain independence within their academics, social environments, and other areas of their lives. PSEO students are treated the same as any regular student at SCTCC and have the same access to student services like the Center for Academic Success (CAS) tutoring center, clubs and organizations, and other on-campus amenities. It gives students the opportunity to take charge of their education and become more self-sufficient.

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