High School Teacher Resources

In order for a high school instructor to teach Discovery Academy courses in their high school, they must meet the credentials according to the guidelines outlined in Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Policy 3.32). For more information regarding MinnState’s College Faculty Credentialing requirements, visit: Minnstate.edu.

For field specific credentials please visit the “Search Credential Fields” page at Minnstate.edu and find the field you are looking to teach within.  For example, if you are looking to teach a college level welding course the requirements would be listed under “Welding Technology/Welder” on the “Search Credential Fields” webpage. 

Please also feel free to contact Susan Jordahl at susan.jordahl@sctcc.edu or 320.308.5908 for assistance in finding the credentials. 

Requesting a Discovery Academy Course

  1. If you and your high school are interested in offering a Discovery Academy course, please complete and submit an application by March 1 for courses starting the next fall or October 1 for courses starting the next spring. 
  2. Once the K-12 Initiatives Department receives the application and verifies it is complete, it is then forwarded on to the corresponding SCTCC Dean.
  3. The SCTCC dean reviews the application and provides the approval or denial to the K-12 Initiatives Department. 
  4. The K-12 Initiatives Department then sends the applicant and their Principal an approval or denial letter. 
  5. The goal is to have approval or denial letters by April 1/November 1 to ensure enough time for the high school and SCTCC to prepare for the upcoming course. 
  6. Upon approval, the high school teacher is then paired with an SCTCC faculty mentor. The SCTCC faculty mentor and high school teacher then begin working together to ensure the course is taught to the same rigor and standards as our on-campus course. 
  7. While the SCTCC faculty mentor and high school instructor are working on the course content, the K12 Initiatives Department will be working with the high school administration on the administrative aspects of the course.

High School Teacher Application Process

High School Teacher Resources