Safety Committee

The SCTCC Safety Committee is scheduled to meet quarterly throughout the year to review and address safety compliance as well as safety and security concerns that are not emergencies in nature.

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Current Safety Committee Members include:

Name Title Union Phone
Carol Brewer (Chair) Director of Safety and Security MAPE 308-6158
Rita Dingman Surgical Technology Instructor MSCF 308-5439
Larry Gordon College Lab Assistant 1-Medium/Heavy Truck AFSCME 308-5737
Ryan Haws Shipping & Receiving/Safety Clerk AFSCME 308-5361
June Hirdler Administrative Assistant-Customized Training AFSCME 308-5011
Rita Dingman Surgical Technology Instructor MSCF 308-5439
Brian Johnson Building Maintenance Supervisor MMA 308-1542
Kateri Mayer Dental Assisting Instructor MSCF 308-5943
Karen Middendorf College Lab Assistant 2-Dental AFSCME 308-6440
Jacqueline Netter Assistant Financial Aid Director MAPE 308-5959
Leanne Pearson College Lab Assistant 1-Auto Body AFSCME 308-5047x3
Al Raeker Construction Electrician Instructor MSCF 308-5902
Bruce Thompson Recruitment & Admissions Specialist MAPE 308-5406
Anthony Wolbersen Machine Tool Technology Instructor MSCF 308-6597
Brittany Tschida Workforce Development Representative   308-5802
Cindy Belmont Workforce Development Representative   308-5806

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