Articulated College Credit

Articulated College Credit

Articulated college credit provide dual-credit towards both high school and college graduation.  Students who receive a valid Minnesota Articulated College Credit certificate for one or more courses from their high school should present the certificate(s) to the Registrar’s Office at the time of registration.  The student will receive transfer credit for these course(s) and the course(s) will be designated on the student’s SCTCC college transcript.  The valid Minnesota Articulated College Credit certificates are usually valid for five years from the date of issue.

Student Resources

Each Minnesota high school articulates different high school courses to different colleges and universities.  To find out which courses are offered at your high school, please see  To register for articulated courses at your high school, please speak to your high school counselor.

Teacher Resources

If you are interested in teaching articulated credit courses at your high school, you must first have your course evaluated by SCTCC faculty and administration.  A detailed process has been developed, and documents can be downloaded here:

Once your high school class has been approved for articulation, teachers should create an account at  All communications between SCTCC and articulated course teachers take places through this website.

Counselor Resources

I-Seek Programs of Study is a website intended to help counselors and students see connections between academic and elective courses giving you the most exposure and depth of understanding about a particular career area. Programs of Study are designed to show you the sequence of related courses available at your school as well as post-secondary opportunities that students might consider.