Cultural Fluency Leadership Council

Aguirre Reese

Title: SCTCC Bookstore Supervisor

Aguirre helps students achieve their educational aspirations by providing affordable course materials. After graduating from SCTCC he worked in private industry for 10 years before returning to the college as an employee in 2018. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters and being outside, reading and watching movies.

Nate Hiestand

Title: SCTCC Director of Athletics

Nate has worked in Student Life and Athletics at SCTCC since 2006. He enjoys sports (soccer especially), biking with his family, cooking, and being a dad to Paige and Spencer.


Denise Cruz

Title: Navigator at the Admissions Office

Denise Cruz (she/her/hers) earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Chicanx/Latinx Studies at Michigan State University. Denise enjoys helping underserved students navigate through college and supporting their academic success. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


Nathan Jacobson

Title: SCTCC Assessment Center Coordinator

Nathan Jacobson was born and raised in a rural, farming community in southern Minnesota. After completing his Bachelor's degree in Social Work from St. Cloud State University, he moved to a small town in southern Japan to work as an English language teacher for four years. He then returned to Saint Cloud in 2005 where he currently lives with his wife and four children. He began his employment with St. Cloud Technical and Community College in 2008 as an Underrepresented Admissions Specialist and currently serves as the Assessment Center Coordinator.

Shaun Keeley

Title: SCTCC Interim Director of Campus Life

Shaun Keeley has been with the college since 2015. Prior to his role in Campus Life, Shaun worked as a Math Center Coordinator in SCTCC’s Mary Stangler Center for Academic Success (CAS). He has been a resident of St. Cloud since the mid-90’s and is looking forward to being part of the CFLC. He enjoys working with and engaging students, playing golf, reading, cooking, and trivia contests.


Bob Kapitzke

Title: SCTCC Instructor

Bob Kapitzke is an instructor of Philosophy and teaches or has taught courses in Ethics, Logic, Comparative Religion, Diversity and Social Justice, and History. He has been at the college since 2007.

Debra Leigh

Vice President, Cultural Fluency, Equity and Inclusion

Debra Leigh is Vice President, Cultural Fluency, Equity and Inclusion at SCTCC.

Kevin LaNave

Title: SCTCC Instructor

Kevin LaNave is an instructor of the "Diversity and Social Justice" course at SCTCC. Kevin has been a social justice educator since the mid-1980s, both in academic and in community-based settings. He describes the process of social justice education as involving listening to, learning from, and dialoguing with, others -- in a shared search for deeper understanding of and ways of acting toward developing a more life-giving, community-creating way of living.


Dr. Sangeeta Jha

Title: SCTCC Instructor

Dr. Sangeeta Jha, originally from India, joined SCTCC in 2011 after nearly ten years of teaching Sociology and Anthropology at St. Cloud State University. She currently teaches Sociology, Anthropology, Gerontology, and Women’s Studies. Besides teaching, Sangeeta serves on several committees and initiatives both on- and off-campus with Create CommUNITY (co-chair), Conversation on Race (co-chair), Diversity Council of Chamber (chair), Jugaad Leadership (Advisory Board member), African Coalition Network (Board member), Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative (member), MLK Breakfast (member), National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (member), and SCTCC’s Cultural Fluency Council (member). Sangeeta holds dual Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Sociology and Education; dual Master’s Degrees in Sociology and Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Sociology. Additionally, she is a licensed Qualified Administrator of IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) and trained to facilitate cultural competence/proficiency and anti-racism workshops. Sangeeta loves and enjoys teaching, reading, cooking, and relationship building. She is a proud mother of beautiful twin daughters.

Members bios pending:

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  • Dr. Kenneth Matthews
  • Harris Pengston
  • Janice Sims – student
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  • William Tuoy-Giel