Discovery Academy - Counselor Information

The following highlights answers to frequently asked questions about Discovery Academy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Mid-term progress reports will be requested from each classroom teacher.
  • If a C or better is not maintained in a course, the student will not be able to continue in Discovery Academy.
  • Counselors will be notified if a student falls below college requirements.
  • Students may choose to withdraw from a course until 80% of the course has been delivered. A withdrawal results in a W on the SCTCC college transcript but is not calculated into the GPA.

College Transcripts

Students can access their college transcript by completing a request for transcript. A fee is associated with this request.

Accuplacer Requirement

All Discovery Academy students are required to take Accuplacer.

  • Accuplacer is not used as a barrier for application/registration.
  • Accuplacer is used as one measure of a students’ readiness for college.
  • Students not meeting the recommended Accuplacer score are encouraged to work on their skill development in reading and/or math.