Get Started with D2L Brightspace

Welcome to eTeaching at SCTCC. Online and hybrid courses can be hard initially to setup when you don’t know where to start. We provide tutorials, resources, guides, and templates to help you design quality, engaging, and sound learning experiences for students in your hybrid or online courses.

SCTCC promotes learner engagement through quality online course development and instruction by providing faculty with resources and guidelines for use in the development and teaching of online courses.  
SCTCC's Quality Assurances for Online Teaching & Learning (.pdf)

What is D2L?

D2L Brightspace is the Learning Management System (LMS) SCTCC uses. D2L Brightspace allows for the creation and management of your online and/or hybrid courses.

D2L Brightspace Tutorials 

Login Information

To login to D2L Brightspace, use your StarID and password.

Requesting a Demo Shell

You may want to request a D2L Brightspace development (demo) shell to begin building your class.

This D2L Brightspace shell can be continually fine-tuned because you are working in a course shell with no enrolled students.

Keep in mind that this shell can be imported into a regular, “live,” course shell with students when it is completed.

Requesting a Demo Shell (.pdf)

Uploading Your Syllabus to D2L Brightspace

SCTCC requires that every D2L Brightspace course shell has a Syllabus located in the Content area.

To upload your syllabus to your course, follow the instructions in the guide: Uploading Your Syllabus to D2L Brightspace (.pdf)

You may want to work from the AASC approved Syllabus Template found on the Tools & Templates eTeaching page.

Course Design

Designing materials for online courses takes significant planning and time.  Once materials are designed, however, they can easily be copied into future semesters and other sections of the course. When designing materials it will be to your advantage to make them easy to maintain and edit in future versions of the course.

Course Design for Easy Maintenance (.pdf)