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The best way to get D2L Brightspace support is through the IT Helpdesk System. When submitting a Helpdesk request, all D2L Brightspace support staff will see it and the first available person can answer your questions.

Support Staff

  • Alex Roske – Online Learning Assistant
    aroske@sctcc.edu – 320-308-5515
    • Training faculty in the use of D2L Brightspace, assisting faculty set up courses, troubleshooting D2L Brightspace course issues, assisting in media production for online delivery
  • Harris Pengeston – Online Lab Assistant for Students
    hpengeston@sctcc.edu – 320-308-5366
    • Training students in the use of D2L Brightspace, troubleshooting D2L Brightspace student issues

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Alex Roske, Online Learning Assistant