Intramural Sports

As an SCTCC student, you can play intramural sports at St. Cloud State University (SCSU).

Fall 2020 Intramurals
4 vs 4 Sand Volleyball (co-ed) Registration Aug. 23-28, Starts Sept. 1
7 vs 7 Soccer (W, M, co-ed)Registration Sept. 6-18, Starts Sept. 29
Flag Football (W, M, co-ed)Registration Oct. 4-16, Starts Oct. 10
Dodgeball (co-ed)Registration Oct. 26- Nov. 5, Starts Nov. 9
Ultimate Frisbee (co-ed)Registration Nov. 1-12, Starts Nov. 18
Badminton Single (W, M)Registration SCSU Field House, Sept. 16
Table Tennis (individual, co-ed)Registration SCSU Campus Rec Lounge, Oct. 28
Badminton Doubles (co-ed)Registration SCSU Field House, Dec. 2
3 Point Shootout (W, M)Registration SCSU Field House, Nov 18
E-Sports FIFA 21Registration Oct. 18-27, Oct. 30 - Nov. 1
E-Sports Madden 21Registration Nov. 23-30, Dec. 4-6
Spring 2021 Intramurals
5 vs 5 Basketball (W, M, co-ed) Registration Jan. 11-18, Starts Jan. 21
Ice Hockey (co-ed) Registration Jan. 31-Feb. 10, Starts Feb. 15
Cricket (M)Registration Mar. 21-31, Starts Apr. 4
6 vs 6 Indoor Volleyball (co-ed) Registration Feb. 14-26, Starts Mar. 3
5 vs. 5 Futsal (co-ed)Registration Mar. 21-31, Starts Apr. 13
Tennis(individual)Registration SCSU Tennis Court, Mar. 27
Hockey Skill (individual)Registration SCSU Hockey Center, Apr. 8
Billiards/Pool (individual)Registration SCSU Rec Lounge, Apr. 21
E-Sports FIFA 21Registration Jan. 25-27, Jan. 29-31
E-Sports Madden 21Registration Feb. 15-17, Feb. 19-21

How To Register For Intramurals 

Don't have a team?

All league sports have a free agent list for any participants who would like to play on a team and don’t have one put together. A participant who would like to be put on this list should go to the Guest Services Desk at the Student Recreation Center. Don’t forget to attend the Captain’s Meeting for the desired sport as well because that is when we will ask Team Captains if they need more team members!

To get on the list, contact (320) 308-3325 or visit the Service Desk at the Student Recreation Center.


  • For questions on how to participate in Intramurals at SCSU, contact Nate Hiestand. Email: