Mental Health Services

Your wellness is important to us! We are here to provide free mental health services to students dealing with a variety of life issues. Appointments are available on-campus in person, via Zoom for Healthcare or via phone.

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Jeanna in Wellness Resource Services talks about what's available to SCTCC students as far as counseling services.

Students can access mental health counseling services to help with a variety of life issues. There is no additional out-of-pocket cost for students to meet with our mental health professional and services are voluntary.

Appointments are typically 45-50 minutes long. Mental health counseling services include, but are not limited to:

  • Short term individual mental health counseling
  • Psychoeducation: education about topics related to mental health
  • Teaching calming and coping strategies to help manage a variety of life stressors
  • Crisis intervention
  • Referrals and recommendations for ongoing services

Mental health counseling services do not include any medical treatment, diagnosis, or long-term therapy for chronic issues. If you need additional support after meeting with our mental health professional, a referral or recommendation can be made for ongoing mental health services for resources in the community.

We do not provide any court related services or other mandated counseling. We do not do testing or evaluation for forensic purposes such as determining disability.

Our Mental Health Professional is licensed to provide services in Minnesota. Students are not required to reside in Minnesota to receive services, but must physically be located in Minnesota for the entirety of their appointment. If you are a student outside of Minnesota, you may contact our Mental Health Professional for a consultation appointment to assist you in finding a provider in your current location.

St. Cloud Technical & Community College is concerned about the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, staff, and community members. If you have an immediate concern related to someone harming themselves or others, please call 911.

Information shared with our mental health professional is confidential and used explicitly to assess the problem and to determine appropriate goals and services. Information obtained in counseling cannot be released without the written consent of the student, except in instances mandated by Minnesota law, which requires breaking confidentiality in specific, immediate and life-threatening situations.

Exceptions to this practice are:

  • If you express an intent to hurt yourself or someone else
  • If your counseling records are court ordered by a government official (i.e., a judge)
  • If you report abuse or neglect of a minor (individual under the age of 18 years old) or a vulnerable adult
  • When a pregnancy may be at risk because of chemical abuse
  • Professional consultation
  • Non-identifying information may be used for program reporting purposes

Jeanna Franklin, MS, LPCC

Mental Health Professional

Wellness Resource Services